Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What are sources of daylighting?

Would you like to enjoy natural light or daylighting in your home? If yes, fix windows, ventilators, skylights etc. while designing building to get the benefit of daylighting. Daylighting creates productive environment for occupants and reduces 30 to 40 % of total energy costs. It depends on color of walls, ceiling and floors such as light color reflects more light than dark color.

Source of Daylight: The Sun is primary source of daylighting and the sunlight comprises following two parts.
  • Direct solar light
  • Sky radiation

Direct solar light is not taken into consideration during daylighting. Sky radiation is considered while designing daylighting in homes. The value of sky radiation depends on the position of the Sun defined by its altitude which changes with the change in altitude of the area throughout the year.

Daylight Factor: Daylight factor is the quality of daylight in a room. It is the ratio of outside illumination over inside illumination. The intensity of daylight in a room is subject to frequent fluctuations and harshness. It is found more or less constant when the sky is clear or overcast.

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