Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What causes indoor air pollution?

Everyone should remember that the quality of indoor air always affects our health and contents of the house as well. Polluted indoor air can cause asthma, allergic diseases and other respiratory problems. Unclean indoor air weakens our immune system and makes us sick. Burning of wood, charcoal, dung, crop residue, heating, cooking, and smoking, use of chemicals, dampness, and improper drainage are major causes of indoor air pollution. Dust collection can create pollution in indoor air and a few building materials such as asbestos fibers; particle boards etc. also affect indoor air. So unhygienic air in and around home create risk to our lives. A few more causes of indoor air pollution are given below.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

How to ventilate your kitchen?

You can ventilate your kitchen with many approaches. Ventilating fans are one of the approaches which remove vapor, smoke and unpleasant smells from kitchen. They maintain indoor air quality as kitchen needs more ventilation than other rooms at home. You can opt for extractor exhaust fans which remove air having smoke or grease generated from cooking. This fan is installed over cooking top and becomes an ideal choice for kitchen ventilation. Wall mounted exhaust fans hung from the wall of kitchen remove unpleasant air outside. Kitchen range exhaust fans are mounted above kitchen stove to get rid stale air in the kitchen and to expel foul odors and reduce moisture levels in your cooking area as well. Before you install ventilating fans, make sure they are of proper size and be installed properly.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Make a choice of swimming pools

Swimming pools are rich source of cooling down boiling summer and getting refreshed the body and mind. Swimming into pools is very useful exercise for heart and whole body. It gives us pleasure and pleases our senses too.

A variety of options of swimming pools are available in the market such as you can opt for above-ground pool and in-ground swimming pool. Above ground pools are convenient, economical and require less maintenance. They are available in decorative and extra thin vinyl pool linear. These pools are cheaper choices and are convenient in comparison to in-ground pools. People prefer these swimming pools in small apartments as the space is limited. In-ground swimming pool is available in vinyl, concrete and fiber glass choices. Concrete swimming pool can be constructed in any shape whereas vinyl swimming pools are basically pre-fabricated in shape. Fiber glass swimming pools are available in pre-designed format and can be placed inside a hole into the ground. There is less need of chemicals to keep fiber glass pool germ free. Use chemicals to kill germs, maintain swimming pool properly and keep on enjoying freshness from bathing.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Benefits of Shell Roofs

Do you want to create architectural view for the roof of your house? Shell Roofs are the right choice of roofing that meets practical requirements of the building. These roofs are useful for the areas where large floor areas are required to be covered without any obstruction from the columns. The roofs are provided in public buildings like libraries, theatres, recreation centers, factories or workshops etc. Shell roofs have several benefits such as these roofs cover more area without any intermediate columns. These roofs have no leakage problems and their architectural view adds to the beauty of nearby area. The large area under these roofs may be used for conferences and big gatherings.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to grow container garden?

Container gardening is a hobby which makes smart use of space, selection of plants and the choice of containers. Some design principles can be followed to make container gardening effective and beautiful. At first make a choice of plants according to the size of pot. Large pots should not be used for small plants since they will be lost in them. You can pick containers of different heights, colors and plants to create focal point inside the house. Make a choice for plants such as perennials, herbs, trees, shrubs, ferns, vegetables etc. that you want to grow in container garden. Thus you can experience beauty and benefits of greenery from container gardening.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Know Vastu for Your Office

Gharexpert has identified a few Vastu rules for interior of your office so that the business can be enhanced day by day. First of all select a site that is free from vastu defects and choose rectangular or square plot for your office. You should plan reception in northeast of office where the receptionist sit facing north or east direction. Make waiting room in northeast or northwest direction of the building. The northeast corner should be utilized for temple. The office of chairman or general manager should be built in southwest or south direction of the building. The employees should sit facing the north or east direction but they should not sit under beam. The loft of beam can be covered with wooden board if necessary. The center of office should not have any heavy structure. Avoid dark colors since they make us short tempered. Don’t hang or paste paintings showing sadness in the office to avoid discord among staff members.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Home security with advanced safety systems

Many advanced security systems can ensure the safety of your home. These devices inform us about the theft, burglary and wrong doings inside or outside the house. Surveillance camera is one of the best devices to detect thieves and check outside activities. It sends signals through wireless transmitter and the house owner can check home security at any point of time during day. Motion detector can be the first line of defense against burglars and thieves whereas automatic electric security gates make home security tougher. You can open or close these gates manually as well as automatically with the help of remote. Home security alarm is a telephone based monitoring system which is directly linked to a ‘Security Company’. This company provides 24 hours service with fully qualified security guards.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Enhance the prettiness of drawing room

You can add to the beauty of your drawing room with nicely decorated furniture. Traditional three seater sofas, loveseats and couches, sectional sofas and even modular corner sofas with awkward angles are beautiful furniture options for drawing room. You can use sofa beds for occasional guests. Modular drawing room furniture not only has matching sofas, side tables and chairs but it is more functional and practical. Lighting is another important point for enhancing the look of your drawing room furniture. Install proper lighting for relaxing feel in the room. You can add facilities to drawers to drag, open and then push back to hide them. The matching color of walls with furniture or matching shades with furniture look interesting. Luxury and modular furniture are best suited for elegant, classic, formal and stylish drawing rooms. You can make extensive search on internet for furniture stores or home decorators providing furniture of premium quality.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to Start Gardening?

Before you start gardening, you need to prepare soil for planting trees. At first remove grass and weeds from garden area with the help of shovel. Ensure that the type of soil is right or not for garden. Black soil is very good for plants. If it is dark brown that’s quite good also. Yellow, grey, mottled are not so good. You can add compost to such soil to improve its’ fertility. To add compost to the soil, spread it on the top of existing soil and make use of shovel to mix it with soil.

In fact gardening is an excellent hobby to make environment pollution free and improve natural phenomenon. For being successful in the task you need to know some basic things like selection of plants, soil and water requirements of the plants. Go for flower plants to make your garden beautiful. Bulb flower plants, shrubs and creepers look beautiful in the garden. You should know about water requirements of plants since proper watering is essential. In first week, the plants need water daily whereas they can be watered after every two days in second week. In later the plants may be watered once a week.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vastu principles for plants

Grow plants in east and north area of the house to fetch positive energy to the house, verifies vastu. Vastu tells that flower plants are planted in the south west portion of the house. Jasmine, Rose, Marigold, Champak, Mogra and Prijat are good around the house as they offer positive energy. Grow money plant inside the house to bring good luck to the occupants of house. Any large tree should not be planted in the centre of the house. A rock garden in southwest portion of the house is useful.

Big trees can be planted in south and west portion of the house. They should not be too close to the building since they block sunlight and their roots can damage foundation. No tree should be planted in north east corner of the house. Avoid thorny plants except rose as they have negative energy.

For detailed info on Vastu for plants, click here.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Making a green house

You can make your house energy efficient and environment friendly by using natural light, growing environment friendly plants, applying thermal insulation techniques and using low VOC products. Here are a few ways to make your home energy saving and environment friendly.
  • Grow environment friendly plants: Grow such plants which are good for your environment and animals. You can go for perennial plants that live for more than a year and reduce the cost of plantation frequently.
  • Apply thermal insulation technique on walls and roof: Thermal insulation on all outer walls of the house minimizes weather effects and saves energy during summer and winter season. Insulate roof of the house to save energy since it receives solar radiation throughout the day.
  • Use low volatile organic compounds (VOC): Make use of low V.O.C. products to maintain healthy indoor air for good health. Low VOC paint for walls and cleaning products are useful. Do not use particle boards or medium density board for articles of furniture as they have adhesives releasing urea formaldehyde which is harmful to health.
  • Utilize natural light and CFL:Use sunlight from doors, windows, ventilators and openings and enjoy the benefits of natural light. You should opt for energy saving compact florescent light, CFL bulb/ tubes. These bulbs/tubes produce less heat and save energy required for thermal comfort

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to enjoy safe bath?

A safe and pleasant bathroom not only soothes our body and mind but also amuses the senses. A pleasant bath is remedy to all day long worries and laziness. To enjoy unhurt bath, make sure the floor of bathroom is not slippery. Follow all safety measures for energetic bath and put everything in its right place. Never leave child alone in bathtub else he may sink into the tub. Non skid bathroom mats are placed to avoid injury. Grab bars or rails are installed as they help come out from bath tub. Install sink with cabinet which is used to store floor cleaner, drain openers under the sink. Heaters, electrical products are kept away from bathtubs, shower place and sinks. Water heaters are set up at a degree of 120. Keep shampoos, lotions and soap dish away from children’s reach. Make use of good lights in bathroom especially in the night.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Vastu for Paint Color

Vastu verifies that auspicious colors bring peace, happiness and energies into the house. It recommends some lucky colors for every room of the house. As pink is an auspicious color for bedroom. Light blue and light green are also considered good for bedroom. Green color in children’s bedroom is helpful in their study. Yellow, blue, green, tan and beige are excellent colors for living room since these colors are pleasant for guests. The white is thought best color for kitchen. Yellow, orange, rose pink, chocolate and red colors are also good colors for kitchen. Bathroom can be painted in white or a mix of black and white or gray colors. Pink and other pastel colors are also good for bathroom. The pink, green and blue colors are considered good for dining room as they are refreshing colors. Orange color promotes positive feeling, happiness, and good social relationship.

To know in detail on vastu for paint colors, click here.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Making a pleasant bedroom

You can turn your bedroom into pleasing and private space by applying several embellishing thoughts. For example you can make use of attractive wall colors and can renovate the room by painting it into attractive patterns. You should have at least one accented wall in your bedroom to avoid monotonous appearance. To add glitters and curiosity with Jewelry, use Sham diamond jewels on porthole to make the room shiny. A few ornamental materials like butterfly sticks enhance the decor. You can do fanciful artwork in bedroom or hang wall paintings from famous artists. Hanging paintings in a sequence give wonderful effect to the wall or bedroom. Also you can place lamps on bedside table or fix it on accented wall of bedroom. Velvet blankets and matching colored pillows make your bedroom luxurious and beautiful. You can use fragrant candles to cheer up your feel for the room.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Roller and spray painting techniques

Both roller and spray paintings need a professional painter to do painting. If an unskilled painter is employed on the job, the painting work may spoil and result in patchy work on walls. Before you start doing roller painting, roller and container should be cleaned. The contents of the paint should be mixed thoroughly. Now dip the roller into mixed paint and run it from top to bottom. Again dip the roller and run it adjacent to the painted area above in the same way. Run the roller without dipping it into paint horizontally and vertically on the applied paint coat to spread it uniformly.

Spray painting requires skill to hold spray gun properly and to prepare the mixture of the paint. Before starting painting work, the surface, spray machine and container should be cleaned. Spray painting should be done only when dry condition prevails. To do spray painting hold spray gun perpendicular to the surface and pass over the surface in a uniform sweeping motion. To achieve best results, try different air pressure and fan adjustment.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taking plunge into sparkling bathroom

A pleasant bathroom not only refreshes our body but also amuses the senses. Various color schemes can be selected to make your bathroom inviting. For example red color revitalizes feelings and boosts up the power. It influences your bathing experience. Orange color is used to manipulate happiness and entertainment. Yellow color is associated with intellect; emotions and is inspiring. Green color gives fresh, coolness of nature and encourages emotional stability. Blue color reminds us of vast oceans and brings the feel of crisp morning air.

Light color bathroom fittings enhance the look of the room. The room should be equipped with proper lighting to clearly see your face while taking bath. Bathroom fixtures from reputed brand give new looks the room. Modern valves and sinks offer interesting look to your bathroom.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Make a stylish interior with various colors.

Paint Colors not only add to the beauty of walls but also refresh the mood of living beings in the house. They form a protective layer on surfaces for easy cleaning and protect them from weathering or other external factors. The colors offer different aesthetic effects on surfaces of the walls. For example light colors with a lot of white make an area seem larger and airy. For smaller rooms it is preferable to have all walls and ceilings of light colors. To enhance the effect of light colors, opt for matching furnishing of the room. Avoid dark colors which give the impression of less space. Neutral colors offer a touch of liveliness and can be added by choosing brightly accented furnishings in a room. Earthy colors like terracotta (soil), deep reds, brown give your room a very ethnic look.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vastu makes married life blissful

Vastu interprets how to make married life delightful and successful. Vastu provides solutions to various difficulties in marital life. For example it tells to locate bedroom in south-west direction of the house for pleasant life. It prohibits using north-east bedroom for newly wed couple. The south-west of bedroom is right way to place bed whereas south direction is appropriate for placing head-side of the bed. Wooden bed gives better results rather than metal bed. The use of mirror should be avoided in the room because it can cause quarrel between the couple. Also avoid placing television or computer in bedroom because they reflect like a mirror. The paintings symbolizing death, violence and negative aspects of life should not be hanged on walls since they create negative feelings. Painting walls in light colors like green, light blue, rose pink inspires life. So it is essential for every couple to know remedies of Vastu defects in married life.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Make your house cost efficient

To make cost efficient and strong construction, you can opt for filler slab which ensure high-quality construction and reduces the cost of construction too. Experts say that you can save up to 25 % of the construction cost using cost effective construction techniques.

Actually cost-effective, innovative and environment friendly housing depends on appropriate use of materials available locally, latest technology and construction skills. The air gap formed by contours of tiles makes an excellent thermal insulation layer. The design integrity of a filler slab needs careful planning keeping in mind negative zones and reinforcement areas. Filler slabs provide aesthetically designed ceilings and enhance thermal comfort inside the building due to heat-resistant qualities and the gap between two burnt clay tiles. They can save up to 23% in comparison to traditional slab and can reduce the use of cement and steel up to 40%.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tips for Bedroom Flooring

Make a choice of bedroom flooring that is pleasant and comfortable to bare feet. The flooring should match up with the furniture and decor of your room. It is charming and adds to the beauty of your bedroom. A variety of colors, patterns, materials and styles are available in choices of bedroom flooring. Marble flooring, vinyl flooring, wooden flooring, bamboo flooring and cork flooring are some nice choices for bedroom flooring. Carpets and rugs in bedroom draw everyone’s attention for their texture and patterns.

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