Monday, June 22, 2009

Know Vastu for Your Office

Gharexpert has identified a few Vastu rules for interior of your office so that the business can be enhanced day by day. First of all select a site that is free from vastu defects and choose rectangular or square plot for your office. You should plan reception in northeast of office where the receptionist sit facing north or east direction. Make waiting room in northeast or northwest direction of the building. The northeast corner should be utilized for temple. The office of chairman or general manager should be built in southwest or south direction of the building. The employees should sit facing the north or east direction but they should not sit under beam. The loft of beam can be covered with wooden board if necessary. The center of office should not have any heavy structure. Avoid dark colors since they make us short tempered. Don’t hang or paste paintings showing sadness in the office to avoid discord among staff members.

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