Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby Room Furniture

While going to buy furniture for your baby room, keep in mind the comfort and safety of your little baby. It should compliment the décor of your baby room also. If the furnishings are comfortable and baby-friendly, your baby can get full relaxation. A crib, a changing table, a rocker or glider, a chest, a side table, and a toy box etc. are essential articles for your baby room. The below are given some options for baby room furniture.
  • Baby Bassinets: the bassinets are very useful to keep new born babies close to parents. Make a choice of bassinets that can be lifted easily and be moved freely anywhere. Good bassinets keep your baby safe and sound. When baby is able to roll onto by self, it’s time to choose another option.
  • Baby Stroller: Strollers offer you comfort while you are going outside with your baby. They are available in a variety of styles and designs. But opt for the one giving you and your baby maximum safety and comfort. Baby strollers come in single, double and triplet options. There are carriage and umbrella styles. It is easy to use umbrella stroller since they can be folded easily and used while traveling.

For more tips on baby room furniture, click here.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Precautions while cleaning ceiling

When you are planning to clean whole house, start the project from ceiling followed by dusting off walls, doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, covering utensils and cleaning floors. Some precautions should be followed while cleaning ceiling since it is a tough job and needs regular maintenance.

  • Cover furniture, floors and fixtures with cloths, polythene sheets or any other covering material to protect them from droppings.
  • Avoid using ladder or stool for cleaning instead use long handle device.
  • Always wash ceilings before washing walls and floors to avoid dirt fall on clean walls and floors.
  • Wear rubber gloves with cuff for safeguard of hands while cleaning the ceiling with liquid cleaner.
  • Utilize goggles or cloth to protect eyes while cleaning the ceiling.
  • Ensure that no drips of water or cleaning agent run on the walls.
  • Never rub cobwebs on ceiling or walls for cleaning as it will spoil the finishing leaving ugly marks on the surface.

For more precautions on cleaning of ceiling, click on this link.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Benefits of modular office furniture

Modular office furniture is useful to get full comfort during office hours and create perfect working place for all employees. It comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. The chairs, tables and other articles have adjustable settings. This enhances the look of your office and creates an innovation in office as well. Employees are more creative when they feel comfortable in office environment. This office furniture is cost effective and provides a large work area for group of people sitting altogether. Modular office furniture can be made from pieces designed to fit in a number of different combinations. For example if you need an L shape desk, you can make it with two or three pieces of modular desk. You can rearrange modular office furniture according to your need.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Choosing plants for roof garden

A roof garden reduces pollution in urban areas and makes your house attractive as well. Growing a roof garden is good option to make the environment fresh. Let’s know how to select plants for roof garden.

Plants with fiber root are good for roof garden. Don’t make a choice for the plants with deep roots as they can cause harm to the building. The plants with deep roots can be planted in big planters. While planting keep in mind that hard plants are planted at sunny side and plants requiring less sunlight are planted at non-sunny side. Several vegetables and shrubs can be grown in roof garden also. Heavy shrubs and vegetables with deep roots can damage the structure. You should prefer the plants having less requirement of water. So, let’s grow a roof garden to make roof appealing and beautiful.

For more info on choosing plants for roof garden, click here.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Enhance office interiors with stained glass

Stained glass is used to add to the beauty of office interiors. The glass in front door creates a charming look and greets every visitor. The front glass panels of drawer or cabinet in shelves ornament offices well. Multicolored stained glass panels cover portions of windows in offices. Card holders and pencil boxes of stained glass are charming office things. Stained glass offers you matchless décor with various colors, themes and artworks. You can make your home or office worth looking with a variety of glass and artworks on glass as well.

For detailed info on stained glass office interiors, click on this link.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tips for Office Furniture

While buying furniture for your office you should think about employees’ comfort and health. It is important to think about size, shape, comfort and material of furniture. The office furniture mainly includes chairs, desks, filing cabinets and cupboards. You can opt for ergonomic furniture to increase the productivity of employees since this furniture is not harmful to body.

Office Chair: Office chair should be comfortable since employees spend eight hours daily. Your office furniture is not too comfortable or too uncomfortable. If you place too uncomfortable furniture, it may affect the health of employees causing fatigue, back ache and spine problem.

Filing Cabinet: To make your office clutter free and store files, filing cabinet is required. The filing cabinet of small size is adjustable in your cabin. It can reduce clutter and organize your work. Horizontal filing cabinets or storage pedestals are easy to access and help to reduce the cutter in office.

For more tips on office furniture, click on this link.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

How to landscape a small place?

Greenery and flower plants can be grown in small space for landscaping and pleasant surroundings. Only you should be selective for ornamental plants and trees. Though a small space can limit your imagination of an attractive garden, yet there are lots of options of plants having a variety of color, shapes and sizes to make the small piece of land inspiring. Here are given tips on creating a landscape.
  • Place colorful plant containers: Place plant containers if you do not have enough space. The containers should go well with the theme of garden. They are of normal size; too big containers can look odd in small space. Also keep in mind the color and design of plant container. You can use hanging containers and baskets, to decorate your garden.
  • Use window boxes: You can place window box on wall and place them in window. Window boxes come in various sizes, colors and designs. Select annual flower plants for window box and pick a plant that does not grow quickly.

For more tips on ‘how to landscape a small space’, click here.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Installation of Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink is used for disposal of wastages into sewerage system. You can increase sink utility by installing a unit suited to your needs, for example you can replace single bowl unit with double bowl unit. Here are given a few steps for installation of kitchen sink.

  • Place the sink at right space: Measure the space left in countertop for sink and place the sink to the correct size according to existing hole. Put the sink in space left in counter top from upper side and keep the top of sink 2 cm or equal to the thickness of stone used in counter top below top level of countertop.
  • Keep the sink parallel to countertop: Ensure that the sink is parallel to countertop and is placed in a way as not to disturb underlying cabinet.
  • Install the sink properly: Fit C. P. brass or P.V. C union in sink drainage hole as per manufacturers’ instructions with white lead and thread. Make sure that the fitting is tight without having any leakage. C. P. brass or P.V. C. union should be connected to 40 mm G. I. or P. V. C waste pipe, which are bent towards wall and discharge into floor trap.

For more tips on installation of kitchen sink, click on the link below.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Stylish Bathtubs

Taking luxurious bath in tubs and enjoying its freshness is the pleasure that we want to enjoy. A stylish bathtub is one of the luxurious choices that give comfort, relaxation and refreshment. You can make a choice from a variety of bathtubs from modern bathtub to claw foot and from Jacuzzi to drop in bathtubs to match the accessories of your bathroom. Here are given a few choices for you.
  • Modern bathtubs: Modern bathtubs made of stone, glass, wood, steel, plastic and acrylic are popular choices of bathtubs. Thee bathtubs are very light weight and durable. Another feature of modern bathtubs is that they are available in various shapes, styles and designs. Modern faucets can be fixed with these bathtubs.
  • Drop in bathtubs: Usually located in floors drop in tubs are designed to overcome the problem of floor mounted bathtub. These are available in different designs and have faucets. Light weight material fiber glass, acrylic and plastic is used for such bathtubs.

For more designs of bathtubs, click on this link.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Know house wiring rules as per ISI specifications

I’ve come to know some Indian electricity ISI rules which I want to share with you for the safety of your house and you too. To make your home electric shock proof, keep in mind the following precautions while doing house wiring.

  • Implement wiring on distribution system: The wiring should be carried out on distribution systems with main and branch distribution boards to convenient centers. It is without isolated fuses. As far as possible all conductors should run along walls and ceilings for thorough inspection.
  • Don’t exceed load on circuit: The number of points on light circuits should not exceed 10 or total load on circuit should not exceed 800 watts. For power wiring circuit the number of points in a circuit should not be more than 2 and the size of wire should be 1.5 mm square for copper and 2 mm square for aluminum.
  • Utilize earth wire of proper gauge: Earth wire should be 14 SWG in case of copper and 4 mm square in case of aluminum. Fuse wire should be connected to phase wire only and neutral link should be connected to neutral wire. Connect all switches in phase wire. Minimum size of earth wire for light circuit is 1 mm square for copper and 1.5 mm square for aluminum.

To know more ISI house wiring rules, click on this link.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Gardening Tools

A number of gardening tools are used for proper maintenance of garden. The requirement of tools is based on the size of garden, soil type, plants and grass of the garden. If your garden is small, hand fork can be used for removing weeds. Here are given some common tools like spade, hand fork, rakes, hoes, gloves and seep hose required for garden.

Trowel: It is another tool used to dig small holes for planting or weeding. It is similar to hand fork and can be used to loosen the soil of container plants for aeration process.
Hand Fork: A hand fork is used for removing weeds from small garden. Wooden handle fork is preferred as it is durable and easily accessible. Avoid hand fork with plastic handle because it is less durable than wooden handle fork.
Lawn Mower: It is used to cut grass from the garden. Electric lawn mower and ‘Push on Mower’ are ideal for small lawns. Ride on mower is ideal for big lawns. Hand Pruner: This tool is used for pruning as well as for taking cuttings from plants. While using hand pruner, take care that it is fitted to your hands.
Seep Hose: Seep hose is black rubber pipe with holes in it. That’s why it’s called as leaky pipe. The pipe is laid on the ground among plants and water seeps through the pores of pipe. Thus the plants are watered with the help of ‘Seep Hose’. It is an economic way to water the garden.

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