Monday, August 3, 2009

Gardening Tools

A number of gardening tools are used for proper maintenance of garden. The requirement of tools is based on the size of garden, soil type, plants and grass of the garden. If your garden is small, hand fork can be used for removing weeds. Here are given some common tools like spade, hand fork, rakes, hoes, gloves and seep hose required for garden.

Trowel: It is another tool used to dig small holes for planting or weeding. It is similar to hand fork and can be used to loosen the soil of container plants for aeration process.
Hand Fork: A hand fork is used for removing weeds from small garden. Wooden handle fork is preferred as it is durable and easily accessible. Avoid hand fork with plastic handle because it is less durable than wooden handle fork.
Lawn Mower: It is used to cut grass from the garden. Electric lawn mower and ‘Push on Mower’ are ideal for small lawns. Ride on mower is ideal for big lawns. Hand Pruner: This tool is used for pruning as well as for taking cuttings from plants. While using hand pruner, take care that it is fitted to your hands.
Seep Hose: Seep hose is black rubber pipe with holes in it. That’s why it’s called as leaky pipe. The pipe is laid on the ground among plants and water seeps through the pores of pipe. Thus the plants are watered with the help of ‘Seep Hose’. It is an economic way to water the garden.

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