Thursday, February 26, 2009

Making a clutter-free bathroom

If you want to enjoy the freshness of bathing, you should make your bathroom clutter free. A neat and clean bathroom not only helps in taking lively bath, but it gives delight of space also. Here I’ve tried to collect a few tips to make bathroom clutter free.

Make proper storage for bathroom accessories
  • Fix cabinets under sink to store bathroom accessories. The shelves offer space to place accessories such as shampoo bottles, lotions and wicker baskets on them also.
  • Opt for a vanity cabinet with basin above; which can be used a wash basin.
  • Fix wall cabinets up to ceiling in bathroom to store stuff such as toiletries and medicines and save the space of floor.
  • Use small wicker baskets for cotton balls or swabs, combs, sponges and store them on the shelf.
  • Install towel rails and racks on wall to put rolled towels and washcloths.
  • Place wrought iron free standing shelves to store your towels.
  • Make use of hooks on the back of doors to hang towels, gowns etc.

Maximize the space

  • Paint bathroom in light colors because these colors give spacious feel.
  • Fix mirrors to make space appear larger as they reflect lights besides giving decorative touch.
  • Make bathroom countertops, cabinets etc. neat and clean for shiny and clear surface.
  • Fix skylights to make bathroom seem larger as they provide ventilation and reduce darkness.

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Kids Gardening Tips

Kids’ gardening is a great hobby to teach them responsibility and have fun for growing plants. They are full of joy when they see flourishing plants and trees. Guardians need to train and watch them doing gardening with some useful tips.
  • Let them know how to prepare the soil and plant the seeds or tress.
  • Ask them to wear glows while sowing the seed or doing plantation in your presence.
  • Tell them about the quality of soil or pH level of soil and the brand of fertilizer required for garden soil.
  • Teach them to properly handle and pick up gardening tools. Do not allow them to pick heavy tools as they can hurt them.
  • Teach them how and when to water the plants in your presence for good growth of plants.
  • Train them about organic gardening and teach bad effects of pesticides on health.
  • Let them know benefits of gardening as it helps to work individually and gives a sense of responsibility.
  • Ask them to search plants or shrubs on-line and check out books on gardening in library.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Add warm touches to cozy winter living

If you are looking to warm up your winter living, your search ends here. You can apply these warm winter tips.
  • Go for warm color accents: make use of red or ruby, deep chocolates, pine or greens, golds and plums which are complementary to one another if you pick right shades for the whole house. You can add a rug of richer colors for everyday use in winters.
  • Utilize warm cushions and other similar cloths: Use pillows and cushions of deep colors. You can place a cozy pillow for kids and transform a sofa or chair with slip covers. Try a heavy fabric for ottomans and other furnishings.
  • Create fireplace: Arrange a fireplace in a corner of your room. Place dry wood into the pretty crystal vase, light the fire and enjoy warm winter.
  • Apply textured furniture: Drape the furniture with velvet, faux furs, wools, flannels and Kashmere texture cloths. Use fabric place mats for glass breakfast table.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Modern Style Décor

Modern style offers uncluttered and sleek look and open spaces. The style was originated in the Bauhaus school and lays emphasis on angular lines and lack of decoration. Here are some important features of modern style interiors.

Neutral Themes
Modern style shows neutral themes i.e. the most popular color of wall is white or the shades of white though the color is sometimes used for theatrical effect. The upholstery used for furniture is in neutral tones while leather adds to the richness of living room interiors. Textured neutrals enhance the smoothness of design whereas small splashes of color can be added with accessories.

Sleek finishes

The finishes of modern interiors are smooth and shiny. A modern kitchen has lacquered cabinets made from natural woods and countertops consist of granite, stone, stainless steel or a green laminate.

Low and simple furniture
Modern style furniture is low, simple and modular and provides full comfort. The furniture is not expensive and can easily fit into the low budget. You can easily buy modern style furniture from used office furniture store; which can be recycled and refurbished.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Home Office Organization Tips

Do you want to organize an office in your home? If yes, you need to know organizing tips while designing a home office. Though a professional organizer can help you in organizing the office, yet I am trying to make a list of home office organizing tips.
  • Utilize adequate space: adequate and clean work space is required to install computer hardware and peripheral equipments and lay materials, files, papers and supplies. Ensure your office furniture gives enough space for work and storage.
  • Place hardware and peripherals properly: place equipments of daily use within easy reach. The printer, CPU etc. should be placed under the desk if they are used less frequently. A scanner can be placed outside workplace if it is used rarely.
  • Hide cables and wires: always label cords that connect different components to each other and the cord of electric supply. To avoid clutter you can club wires together like computer speaker wires with stereo speake wires.
  • Pile up equipments: Stacking equipment can make most efficient use of space in a home office space. But be careful not to stack any equipment with ventilating tools on the top because they might get too warm.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Mattresses

If you want to give comfort and relaxation to your baby, make a choice of right quality baby mattresses. They should be soft and firm so that your baby can feel cozy. The mattresses should be fitted comfortably to avoid the trapping of baby between mattresses and the frame, counsels CPSC, Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can choose from two types of baby mattresses i.e. foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses. Foam mattresses are light weight and come in a variety of thicknesses. Opt for the best quality mattress for your little one. You can either choose innerspring mattresses known as coil mattresses. These mattresses are available in twin, full, queen and king sizes and maintain their shapes for long time. Let’s know more about baby mattresses

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Outdoor Patio Floor

There are numbers of things to keep in mind while selecting the flooring for your patio. Like Is your flooring is durable? Is the flooring you choose is skid proof and weather proof? You must consider the size of flooring for the patio.

Next thing which comes to mind is type of patio flooring. Patio flooring can be of bricks or pebble floor tiles or even you can choose stone or concrete flooring. Brick flooring like in above unique if bricks are joined in proper sequence you can apply your imagination on bricks to make a creative design for your patio.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kitchen Islands Designs

These days various types of permanent and movable kitchen island designs are available. You can choose kitchen islands made with different materials like granite stone, stainless steel, wood etc. Movable Kitchen Island made with stainless steel looks elegant.

What you think about the island shown above. You can use kitchen islands as a dining area or bar too. Installing wine racks will give you extra storage space while having a party at home.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Space under Stairs

Empty Space beneath the stairs considered as an extra space. We can utilize this space in manner that will enhance the beauty of our home.  We know that the space is small yet we can use it in a fantastic way.

 We can use the space to create study area. We can put computer or cabinet below the stairs. The space can also be utilized as home office. We can put a shelf and a small and elegant looking office chair to create our own small but a classy home office.  We can use the space for kids play area and put toys and other related items there.

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