Friday, February 20, 2009

Modern Style Décor

Modern style offers uncluttered and sleek look and open spaces. The style was originated in the Bauhaus school and lays emphasis on angular lines and lack of decoration. Here are some important features of modern style interiors.

Neutral Themes
Modern style shows neutral themes i.e. the most popular color of wall is white or the shades of white though the color is sometimes used for theatrical effect. The upholstery used for furniture is in neutral tones while leather adds to the richness of living room interiors. Textured neutrals enhance the smoothness of design whereas small splashes of color can be added with accessories.

Sleek finishes

The finishes of modern interiors are smooth and shiny. A modern kitchen has lacquered cabinets made from natural woods and countertops consist of granite, stone, stainless steel or a green laminate.

Low and simple furniture
Modern style furniture is low, simple and modular and provides full comfort. The furniture is not expensive and can easily fit into the low budget. You can easily buy modern style furniture from used office furniture store; which can be recycled and refurbished.

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