Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is one of the fastest growing trends in flooring design. Tiles come in a variety of designs, sizes and materials. The following are a few choices of tiles to ornament floors of your house.
  • Glazed Tiles: These tiles have more shine than of unglazed tiles. Attractive patterns, designs and wide color range of tiles create pleasant feel while walking on floors. Glazed tiles are thin with surface texture ranging from high gloss to mat. The tiles are preferred for external surfaces as they get prone to polishing when exposed to water.
  • Mosaic Tiles: If you want to modernize your home, opt for mosaic tiles. The tiles are available in various designs and shapes. A variety of color, texture and designs makes mosaic tiles a superior choice for flooring.
  • Ceramic Tiles: These tiles are available in variety of colors, designs and finish. The designer can extend his imagination and create unique wall and floor design using these tiles. These tiles are scratch resistant, stain resistant and durable.

For more patterns and designs of tile flooring, click here.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kitchen Design Ideas

Designing a kitchen needs special attention as it is considered the heart of home. Each designing element has importance in kitchen. You have to make a choice for modern counter tops and storage cabinets for food materials. Color themes match up with walls of the house. Lighting fixtures with good lighting are required for proper cooking in the kitchen. There are enough selves for placing materials on them. The design of your kitchen not only reflects your cooking range but aesthetic beauty of the space also.

While designing kitchen

Opt for sliding or folding, soft open doors that can be shut with a gentle touch. The windows are so designed that they draw maximum daylight into kitchen giving cross ventilation. Outer door and window shutters should have wire gauze. The floor of kitchen is one centimeter lower than any other floor in house. Make sure there is proper flow in foor fltowards floor trap in kitchen. Keeping in mind wear and tear and spills of food, choose any of terrazzo, marble slab, Kota stone and ceramic tiles flooring which are resistant to acid and chemicals also.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Timber Purchasing Guidelines

Hard wood or ply wood products for example ply panel, block board particle board etc. are used to make articles of furniture and enhance interiors of the house. Frames and shutters of doors and windows should be made from hard wood. The timber must be of first grade and be free from decay, fungal growth, cracks dead knots, warm holes and warps or streaks on splits of exposed edges and be well seasoned.

Guidelines for purchasing quality timber
  • Don’t purchase any warp wooden piece.
  • Don’t purchase any wooden piece with dead knots, cracks, decayed portion and fungi etc. also.
  • Check out wood or timber for color and cracks as shopkeepers polish wooden piece and fill putty between cracks and in decayed portions to hide defects.
  • Identify any suspected spot on wood by rubbing with any hard object. If there is any putty, it will come out from wooden piece.
  • Make sure that corner of wooden piece is at right angle. If it is not at right angle, the size of wooden piece remains less than that of required at the time of finishing.

To know more timber purchasing guidelines, click here.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Dinning Room Chairs

Interior décor of dinning room remains incomplete till it is furnished with an attractive dinning room chairs. These chairs provide us comfort and luxury while taking meal. Opt for dining chairs that match up with color and pattern of walls. They can give us comfort and luxury while watching movie or listening to music in living room too. A nice arrangement of chairs can make you conspicuous and wow for interior beauty of dining room. Let’s find out a few options of dinning room chairs.

  • Wooden dining room chair: Wooden dinning room chairs have always been in demand. They are superbly crafted and give excellent look to your dinning room. These chairs offer classic style with modern convenience and make the space matchless. Wooden chairs are available in variety of colors including a range of shades of natural wood and present fine craftsmanship, endless designs, and luxurious look.

  • Plastic dining room chair: Plastic chairs are becoming popular as an article of furniture in dining room. They add to the look of dining room and provide ease at dining. Plastic chars are light weight, easy to clean, and less expensive. They are available in a variety of designs and bases including wire, four-legged and rocker. They come in various colors and styles like classic, curved back or shell back style or a contoured plastic seat.

For more designs of dinning room chairs, click here.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Choice of Living Room Sofa

Do you want to enhance aesthetic appeal of your living room? Opt for a sofa that matches with interior décor of living room i.e. the color of wall paints and other furniture articles of the room. To enjoy relaxation in leisurely hours and make perfect sense of interior decoration in your living, make a choice of sofa in modern design. However, the selection of sofas purely depends on individual tastes, budget and décor of the room. here I’ve tried to pick a type of sofa.

Inflatable Sofa: Inflatable sofa is latest in trend for the décor of living room. It is called ‘air sofas’ also and is available in multiple colors, different styles and designs. Inflatable sofas are mostly made of plastic and match with modern finishing of the room. This sofa come in various sizes and shapes and is gaining popularity. It is durable, decorative and inexpensive for your living room. This sofa serves the purpose of normal sofa and offers comfort when you are away from home as it is easily portable. It is durable and comfortable and has become functional choices for living room.

For more choices of living room sofas, click here.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Vastu tips for kitchen

Vastu provides solution space ailments of kitchen. It tells to locate kitchen in south-east of home as this area brings happiness and prosperity. As per Vastu the lord of ‘Agni’ (Fire) prevails in south-east direction. The stove/hearth should be placed in the same direction of kitchen for the cook may face east direction while cooking.

The second best location for kitchen is north-west part of home. Kitchen must be designed carefully to avoid any negative effects on the health of family members. East quadrant is an excellent location for kitchen as this area brings prosperity and pleasure. South-east is the best location for kitchen also. Do not construct kitchen in north quadrant in diagonal plots to avoid bad effects on the health of female members of family. Avoid locating kitchen under or above Pooja Room, Toilet or Bedroom.

For more info on Vastu for kitchen, click here.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Low cost interior design

We are always eager to know latest trends and designs so that we can make interiors of our home wow and stylish. In this post I have tried to identify some low cost interior techniques for wonderful look of home. Fascinating wall paints beautify walls while modern living room sofas are added bonus to the grace of home. Motivating wall papers are another feature for living rooms. The choice of exquisite fabrics for curtains and other items makes our home superb.

For more tips on low cost interiors of home, click here.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Attractive bedroom windows

Bedroom windows are rich source of natural light and ventilation to bedroom. To get complete relaxation in leisurely hours and add aesthetic touch to the beauty of your bedroom, opt for stylish and functional windows. Various bedroom windows like skylight windows, awning window, casement windows etc are available for your choice.

  • Awning bedroom windows: Awning windows are hinged at the top of the wall and open outwards at the bottom with the help of a crank handle. These windows have unique style, energy efficiency, low maintenance and durability and offer light and breeze. You can maintain privacy using windows besides enjoying proper ventilation.
  • Bay and bow bedroom windows: They are usually made of three adjacent windows or sections of windows in a series and give a curved look. Bay and bow windows receive greater amount of light in comparison to flat windows. Bay windows create a spacious feel in bedrooms and add to the beauty of bedroom.

For more types of bedroom windows, click here.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brick Bonds

High-quality brick bonds ensure the strength of entire brick works and add to the beauty of brick walls and brick pillars. As for example English bond is widely used and is considered to be the strongest bond. Let' s a few types of bonds.

Rat-Trap: Bond Rat-trap bond is laid by placing bricks on their sides having a cavity of 4 (100 mm), with alternate course of stretchers and headers. The headers and stretchers are staggered in subsequent layers to give more strength to the walls. R trap bond takes 20% less bricks, 24% less cement and has 25% less weight than English bond. This bond helps in maintaining good thermal comfort inside the building.

Header Bond: All bricks are arranged in header courses in header bond. This bond is used for curved surface in brick work because if stretcher is used for curved surface, it would project beyond the face of wall.

For more details on brick bonds, click here.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Contemporary living room furniture

To create the sense of comfort and style in your living room, you can opt for contemporary living room furniture. It includes accent chairs, wicker coffee tables, end tables, ottomans, pedestal tables and normal sofas. Here are given a few choices of contemporary living room furniture.

Contemporary sofas: Sofa is always a center of attraction in living room. In the same way contemporary sofa gives functional and aesthetic sense. It provides comfort and relaxation and can be used as sofa cum bed in living room.

Wickers coffee table: Place wicker coffee tables in living room to add an elegant touch to the prettiness of the room. These tables are available in different designs such as: oval, rectangular, square etc. Wicker coffee tables are easy to maintain.

TV stands: These stands provide base for television or other entertaining devices. The stands available in a variety of designs offer aesthetic look to your living room. Some stands have drawers to store CDs and DVD players.

For more info on contemporary living room furniture, click here.
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Garden Furniture

Attractive garden furniture adds to the beauty of your garden besides giving you comfortable place to sit. A number of garden furniture such as garden benches, tables, garden swings, loungers etc. available in trendy designs makes your garden a pleasant area. You can select from any comfortable furniture from wrought iron garden furniture, cedar garden furniture, plastic garden furniture or stone garden furniture, wood furniture etc.

While deciding on garden furniture, always keep in mind whether conditions. Avoid furniture made from metals in hot climates. Wooden furniture is perfect choice for the area where direct sunlight falls. In regions of heavy rain, portable furniture like weaker, plastic and cane furniture is ideal choice since it can be moved from one place to the other. Also the garden furniture made from stone and concrete is a good option for regions of heavy rains. You can opt for teak wood, rustproof wrought iron furniture if you want solid garden furniture.

For more info on garden furniture, click here.
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Glass Block Windows - Privacy Plus Security In Bathroom

To boost up interior look of your bathroom, you can select glass block windows. They will no only add aesthetic beauty to bathroom but will provide enough privacy too. Glass block windows are available in various patterns and have following features.

Benefits of glass block windows
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs as glass block windows are energy efficient in comparison to single pane glass window.
  • Offer you obscurity for privacy concern as well as style to your bathroom.
  • Give you additional security as compared to traditional windows which can be an easy target for intruders. In fact glass block windows come with vinyl frame and nailing fin that gives outstanding security.
  • Match with any style such as contemporary, traditional or transitional design style.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water or window cleaning solution.
  • Easy to maintain as compared to existing bathroom windows since bathroom glass windows are either mortared in or nailed into framed walls.

For more tips on glass block windows, click here.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shower Head - A Stylish Bathing Experience

Do you want to refresh your body and mind? Opt for a good shower head which gives you a new experience of bath. You can pick out from a variety of incredible designs and attractive styles to add to interior décor of your bathroom. You can choose glass shower heads for wonderful feel in your bathroom. Here are given some choices of shower heads.
  • Rain shower heads: to enjoy a gentle shower experience, go for rain shower heads. These shower heads pour shower on your body and mind and cool down them. Also you can get high pressure shower experience under these shower heads. Using rain shower head, you can really get an astonishing relaxing feel.
  • Adjustable shower heads: these shower heads are most popular as you can set them anywhere in your bathroom. Only you need to select right adjustable shower heads for your bathroom so that you can easily grip them while taking bath. Adjustable shower heads allow you to move shower spray around your body.

For more details on shower heads, click here.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bathroom Safety Tips

While taking bath, make sure you have made safety arrangements to enjoy pleasant bath. You need to set up the temperature of water heater, use non skid mats and grab bars etc. In addition to good electric devices and appliances, you should keep bathroom neat, clean and dry also. Here are given some bathroom safety tips to enjoy carefree and real bath.
  • Make use of non-skid mats while you are in bathtub or shower and use another on bathroom floor to avoid fall.
  • Install grab bars on walls to help you keep balanced while leaving bathtub or shower. Attach grab bars to the studs or other structural supports in wall.
  • Utilize a transfer bench for elderly or injured persons to help them keep their balance when they step in or out of bathtub or shower.
  • Elevate toilet seats to help them use their toilets safely and comfortably without any assistance.
  • Set the temperature of water heater below 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius). Hire a professional to do the job for you.
  • Fix ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to protect self from dangerous shocks when water and electricity come in contact. Hire an electrician to install GFCI circuit in your bathroom.

For more bathroom safety tips, click here.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Kitchen Flooring

Attractive kitchen flooring looks amazing and boosts up the working of the kitchen. You can enhance interiors of a kitchen using any of linoleum flooring, tile flooring, cork flooring, wood flooring, laminate flooring; vinyl flooring etc. Here are given a few choices of flooring for kitchen.
  • Hardwood flooring: choose hardwood flooring if you want to create beauty and style in your kitchen. It is sound proof and gives charming look in you kitchen. Hardwood kitchen flooring lasts long when properly taken care of. You can simply refinish or stain hardwood floor when you fed up with hardwood kitchen flooring. Today hardwood kitchen flooring is available in urethane finishes which makes flooring resistant to stains and water.
  • Vinyl flooring: Vinyl kitchen flooring has become popular as it comes in various colors and patterns. It is easy to stand on vinyl flooring for a long time as it consists of soft material. Although vinyl is long lasting but it may get peeled. The only drawback of vinyl flooring is that it is susceptible to water.

For more choices of kitchen flooring, click here.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Modern Living Room

Modern living room reflects aesthetic beauty of home interiors. Modern style furniture in living room has straight lines and offers high comfort level. The furniture with low level, soft furnishing, light colors, space saving furniture, all give modern touch to the interior beauty of living room. All modern accessories are eye catching; compliments to the interiors of living room and offer welcoming atmosphere to your living room.

Modern living room consists of straight line furniture with no carving and offers luxury. Modern style furniture has no ornamentation and is upholstered to give softness to your living room. Sofa, accent chairs, loveseats, coffee table, end table, modern TV stand and entertainment center are essentials of modern living room. Wicker furniture and ottomans are also in trend and add warmth to your living room. You can place a plant container in one corner of the room to enhance the look of modern living room

For more details on living room, click here.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crystal Chandelier

Do you want to create dazzling effects in your dining room? Opt for crystal chandeliers which offer engaging look to the interiors of your dining room. Crystal chandeliers add sparkling effects to your dining room. You can choose large, modern and genuine styles of crystal chandeliers. The chandeliers may be three armed or five armed, candle lit or lit with glow bulbs.

Crystal chandeliers compliments color schemes
The chandeliers should compliment interior color schemes of dining room. For example select chandelier with gold or bronze finish for earthy tones of your dining room. The chandeliers with silver or black finish look astonishing with the black, blue and white color tones.

Crystal chandeliers magnify light and make your dining amusing. The prismatic effect of crystal chandelier creates a magnificent look around the room. The chandeliers offer matchless beauty to entire décor of the house for ever.

To know more about crystal chandeliers and their maintenance, click here.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Living Room Recliners

Living room recliners offer relaxation to your body when you get tired of your work. These recliners add luxurious touch to the beauty of living room besides giving you the comfort. The recliners with footrest offer absolute comfort when you feel tired from your routine work. You can pick out from a few choices of living room recliners.
  • Loveseat Recliners: Loveseat recliners are the best option to make your living room good-looking. The loveseat with additional seating is enough to offer you total relaxation. Pick out loveseats with appealing colors and styles that match with interiors of your living room.
  • Swivel Base Recliners: Swivel base recliners offer you the facility to change their position using the handle of swivel. The strong metal frame with a swivel base supports the chair. The back of the chair is padded with soft fabric and the sloped arms of chair holds up your arms while taking rest. These swivel base recliners offer a style with comfort. Leather upholstered swivel recliner gives a luxurious touch to your living room.

To know more varieties of living room recliners, click here.
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