Monday, January 12, 2009

French Style Furniture

French style furniture is comfy and highly elegant in designs. The frames of furniture are light and look very soft.  The furniture includes decorative carvings and stylish curves and is often finished with golden ornamentation and luxurious fabrics.  French furniture becomes pleasing to the eyes when placed in a corner or hallway. It has a real, stand alone identity with features like a painting on the wall. The paintings may be covered with gold, be painted in white and emphasizes the use of elegant, colorful fabrics. Little arm pads are often used on French chairs to soften and decorate furniture. The furniture with V ridged carvings on border enhances the look of interior in your homes.

 A French room, decorated with bright color, stylish designs gives you a feel of grandeur and warming that you want to draw for the pleasure of being there. The rooms are tall, often with molded panel features giving a feeling of vertical widening and elevation. Bright colors, soft furnishings, window dressings, fabrics highlight and contrast with paint colors with gold gilding features are some feature of French style decoration.


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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Types of Porch Swings

The following porch swings are used for relaxation in leisurely hours.

Cedar wood porch swing: this porch swing is the best option as cedar is resistant to fungi and insect. Cedar releases natural oil that keeps insects away. Red cedar swings are good option for their rich color and pleasant odor.

Teak wood porch swing: These porch swings are extremely comfortable and have fantastic designs. The swings are durable, eye catching and enhance exterior look of your house.

Plastic porch swing: these porch swings are ideal for kids as they can not bear much weight. Plastic porch swings provide entertainment to children also. A colored plastic swing in children room can add beauty to interiors of the room.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ethnic Style Furniture

The furniture with deep wine red color and dark wood such as Mahogany, Teak and Wrought iron furniture gives ethnic look. Carved articles of furniture and low-level sofa without arm reflect ethnic style in your living room. Low-level bed, draped canopy, richly carved wooden headboard and dark wood carved table beside the bed illustrate ‘ethnic style’ in your bedroom. Wrought iron and brassware towel rails, robe hooks, mirrors with embossed frame look very attractive in bathrooms.

Ethnic furniture has pastoral and captivating appeal. You can find ethnic furniture in different cultures. Matchless artistic attitude and particular color schemes make ethnic furniture popular around the world. Combination of different ethnic themes such as African, Moroccan, and Asian etc. gives warm ambience and creates highly appealing interior of the house. The combination of a variety of textures adds to the warmth of ethnic style interior.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Advantages of Outdoor Hammocks

Hammocks are comfortable particularly for outdoor use and keep you away from wet ground, pests, bugs and small mammals. Here are a few advantages of outdoor hammocks.


They give you sound sleep and relaxation especially when you are on a camping trip as most foam cushions are not comfortable on the ground.

Light Weight

Hammocks are light weight and can replace foam pads. A hammock takes a few minutes to tie up and helps you to relax and sleep on uneven ground and moist areas.


Hammocks take less time to set up in comparison to tent or foam pad on campaign trip. Within a few minutes you can tie up the hammock with a tree. You can set up your camp anywhere and do not require finding flat spot without being worried.


A white cotton rope hammock with spreader bars is the most popular style. It is comfortable and durable. Double hammocks are ideal for patio to enjoy outdoor beauty and have relaxation.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Wishes and Wallpapers 2009 from has published 2009 wallpapers designed with wonderful interior décor.   

Each wall paper consists of a calendar giving details of holidays in every month of the year 2009.  You can set these wallpapers as desktop background and can use them as interior décor ideas also. In order to set up them, click on the wallpaper and when new window opens up, right click on the image and select as ‘Set as Desktop Background’. Check these wallpapers out and let’s know how they look and work for you.  


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 New Year Wishes and Wallpapers from GharExpert

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Wishing you a Happy New Year 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

Green Roofing – Eco-Friendly Housing

Green roof, a new phenomenon of building is covered with vegetation partially or completely on growing medium soil etc. The vegetation is planted on water proofing material which is laid on RCC slab to protect roof from dampness or leakage. Green roof keeps temperature down particularly in urban areas where building proportion is greener than the roof. 

The roof improves environment particularly city’s mitigate and storm water problem. Green roof consists of vegetations, growing medium, drainage; irrigation system, water-proof installation and takes30 to 40 days’ time for growth. The maintenance of green roof in built-up system requires regular watering, wedding and cultivation. Sometimes the roof having green technology is termed as ‘Green Roof’ such as water pool with green water, solar panels.  But according to advanced research, green roofs are divided into following four categories.  


  • green roof modular system
  • green roof urban nature
  • green roof built in place system
  • extensive green roof system
  • in extensive green roofing


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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen pantry is used to store several food items and other bulk items of kitchen. It makes your kitchen clutter free and offer an organized look to the kitchen. It also adds to the visual excellence of your kitchen. Kitchen pantry provides easy excess to kitchen items instead of wasting time in search of items. Kitchens have either a built-in pantry or you can build of your own pantry. Well organized kitchen pantry is practical use of space in which a homeowner can store many household necessities easily. The pantry saves your time in storing food items at cooler temperature.

While organizing kitchen pantry, first remove all items carefully and place them on a table. Now wipe shelves freely and discard old and unused items. Categorize items that you want to store carefully so that you can find them easily when required. Keep similar items at one place for easy access for example, canned food in one shelf, snacks in another and boxed meals in another etc. You should try to place different items on shelves in alphabetical order. Also you can label food items stored in kitchen pantry so that you can get them quickly.

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Bathroom Shower Curtains

Happy New Year 2009

Bathroom shower curtains give you privacy in addition to decorative appearance. The shower curtains offer a stylish look to your bathroom and protect rest bathroom from water splashes while taking bath. Usually bathroom shower curtains are made up of fabrics such as polyester, waterproof cotton and such materials that are easy to wash and maintain. However take care, wash shower curtains regularly and dry them in air or natural light to avoid any mildew or mold formation. Generally shower curtains are chosen according to wall decor.

Bathroom Decor

You can get an attractive shower curtain that matches up with accessories to complement the decor of your bathroom. The functionality of the curtain should be kept in mind i.e. whether shower curtains are used to display or pulled back aside when not in use. For contemporary look, you can opt for a black and white curtain with red and orange splashes. For an elegant look and to add a touch of class to your bathroom, select a black shower curtain with a brushed nickel rod and ribbon ties.

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