Monday, October 27, 2008

Precautions while Laying Bamboo Flooring

Installation of bamboo flooring has much importance because only proper installation can ensure durability of the flooring in the house. Before you start laying bamboo flooring, the planks should be tested according to requirement of bamboo flooring.

Here are given tips on how to install bamboo flooring correctly.
  • After leveling concrete, the surface should be cleaned before laying the floor.
  • The flooring should be fixed by nailing process in which the planks are laid down and nailed or steppled to sub floor.
  • The floor can be laid by floating method in which bamboo planks are laid on sub floor and they clicked or glued together.
  • This flooring is also laid by gluing down concrete floor. At first the concrete floor is leveled by leveling compound. The surface of the floor is cleaned by any dirt, chemical or any oily substances which may react with the floor. Then bamboos flooring planks or tiles are laid on the glue applied on concrete surface.
  • The material of bamboo flooring should be stored at least for one week at the site before fixing to get atmospheric moisture.
  • The layout of bamboo flooring is simple process; and one can lay this flooring by using required tools. This flooring gives cushion like feel.

Let’s enjoy the beauty of bamboo flooring and know more tips on bamboo flooring.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Installation of Outdoor Lighting

You need to install outdoor lighting properly to enjoy exterior lights and outdoor décor of the house. Exterior lights are very functional for security and elegance purposes.

While you implement outdoor lighting, keep in mind the following points.

  • Place power source, a regular socket of the house; preferably one in the garage but an outlet from outside of the house can be used.
  • Identify areas where you want to install exterior lighting and remove any foliage for the layout of fixture in designed pattern.
  • Install mounting devices at the distance of 1 inch above the ground.
  • Plug the fixture to the transformer or source of power. Use water-proof connectors for connections.
  • Install light bulbs and always choose good quality lamps having bright light.
  • Fix all fixtures to the lowest tap and measure the voltage with the voltmeter at the fixture nearest to the transformer.
  • Apply the rule of thumb because transformers do not exceed 90% load rule.
  • Hide light source in so far as possible because the source is not required to be highlighted.
  • Apply timers for automatic and timely on or off light.
Let’s find out more tips on installation of outdoor lighting.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bed Sheet Options

For elegance of your bedroom you should make a choice of amazing bed sheets which add not only charm to your bedroom but are very useful for your bed also. They give you a comfort and relaxation throughout the night.
You can choose any bed sheet of your style from following options.
  • Fitted bed sheet: these bed sheets have cotton ends and elastic corners which can be stretched over mattress.
  • Adjustable bed sheet: these bed sheets are made from linen, cotton and polyester blends. They are available in single piece and in a combination of bed sheet and pillow covers. These sheets are larger than bed and are used for adjustable beds. They may be decorated with worth-looking embroidery, colorful prints and block printing.
  • Solid color bed sheets: these bed sheets are made of linen, cotton and polyester in different thread counts. The sheets are available in colorful designs and fit standard beds.

Let’s find out more tips about various types of bed sheets to have relaxation in bedroom.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Precautions While Laying Sanitary and Sewer Pipes

To maintain sanitary conditions and keep house neat and clean, every homeowner should take proper care while designing pipe lines for sanitary and sewer of the house. Usually the top of floor trap is not fixed by taking proper level of the floor of building; which creates problem of drainage. Floor trap should be fixed after marking levels of the proposed floor in the building. Here are discussed some precautions for proper implementation of sanitary and sewer pipes.

  • The top of floor traps in toilet and kitchen should be 12 mm to 20 mm down from floor level of building to provide proper slope for easy drainage of water.
  • Sewer lines that cross road or drain should be passed through C.I. or RCC pipes.
  • Greater depth of seal will stop foul air to come to house from sewer.
  • Waste pipes should be connected to main sewer only through gully trap to avoid direct foul smell.
  • The joints of pipes should be filled with spun yarn, lead and ensure proper cocking to avoid any leakage.
  • To check any leakage, close sewer line at one side by using gunny bags or cement mortar and fill in the pipe with water on other side till the pipe is completely filled. After some time the water will come to the surface or in the joints of the pipe.
  • The top of pipe line should be covered with cement concrete after checking leakage.
  • The mouth of pipes should be covered with empty gunny bags to avoid blockage.
  • Keep proper gradient or slope for smooth flow of water and easy cleaning.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Maintenance of Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are rich source of exercises and regular swimming keeps us healthy for long time. To ensure proper functioning of swimming pools you should maintain them regularly. A well maintained pool prevents bacteria growth and ensures a lively environment for a long time. Here are given tips on how to maintain pools.

  • Sanitize swimming pool by mixing chlorine into water on weekly basis to kill bacteria. A chlorine feeder contains chlorine tablets that float on water and make sanitization easy. Don’t add much quantity of chlorine to the water.
  • Use ‘Bromine’ to sanitize your swimming pool. It is preferred by those who dislike foul smell of chlorine and have very sensitive skin.
  • Apply oxidization method to clean waste from the pool such as skin cells, cosmetics and old chlorine. Ozonator used for oxidization process produces ozone which cleans the pool effectively.
  • Use swimming pool skimmer and filter to collect dead leaves, branches, insects and garbage form water. Filtration in swimming pool is another option to maintain cleaning of pool. Change filter on regular basis for proper maintenance of pool.
  • Check electrical connections regularly to ensure that there is no naked wire. Also check diving board, handrail and ladders to ensure no crack in the board and no rusted or loose bolt. Circulate water in swimming pool for at least 12 hour a day.
  • Check pH Balance of water by placing white test strip in pool water for a second and compare changed color of strip. PH level of water should be in the range of 7.2 -7.8. If pH level is too high, add pH decreaser to pool water and if pH level is too low add pH increaser to pool water to get balance level.
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Tips to maximize living room space

To get maximum space do as follows.
  • Reorganize all articles of furniture for neat and clean look.
  • Keep enough distance or space between walls and furniture. This will maximize the use of living room.
  • Opt for a nice theme of living room; that gives aesthetic feel and make your room classic, traditional and modern.
  • Apply some work of art in your living room to make it cheery and bright.
  • Consult with a professional interior decorator for the best look of your room.

To minimize clutter do as follows.

  • Put everything at right place as usual; this gives living room tidy and clutter free look.
  • Don’t use living room for any other room like dining room etc. to avoid any disturbance made by utensils, glasses etc.
  • Keep your living room simple and clutter free. Don’t overcrowd it with gifts or any other unnecessary things.
  • Don’t use this room for any large and noisy activity that’s based on large items like sewing machine etc.
  • Keep small items like toys out of living room to avoid untidy look. If it’s essential, a toy box might be used to give classy and organized look.
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Designing outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are designed to bear weather conditions such as heat,
rain water
and moisture. There are many things that should be kept in mind while buying rugs for exterior use. First you should take measurement of your outdoor space where you want to place rug. Then make a decision for the shape of rug according to available space. Outdoor rugs are available in square, rectangular, oval and round shapes. A rug having rectangular shape can make the small area look untidy whereas a round rug can make the area wide.

As outdoor space is visited regularly, you should make use of durable and good looking rugs. Opt for color and pattern of outdoor rugs; which is based on existing décor of the house. Select colors that best matches with wall colors and articles of furniture. Also match up your outdoor rugs with interior ones for maintaining similar patterns. Let’s look for more tips for designing outdoor rugs.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rain Water Pipe for Proper Drainage

Rainy water includes storm water (rainy water), surface water, street wash and washing water excluding sewage and industrial waste. The water is harmful to the foundation and health of the occupants of the house if it’s not driven out properly. A good quality rain water pipe and its’ proper fixation make your home neat, clean, safe of mud and rain water. Wrongly fitted pipes can cause harm to the contents of the building. Make use of asbestos cement pipes that are widely used for smooth flow of rain water.

The pipes have many advantages like they are easy to handle, quick in laying and brick filling. They are easy in cutting, drilling, threading and fitting. They are of light weight and have tight joints. They are anti-corrosive for most natural soils conditions. The number and size of the pipes for rainy water is determined by the area of roof and on the basis of average rate of rainfall in the area. The pipes for rainy water should normally be sized on the basis of roof area. Let’s find out more tips on rain water pipes.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Quantity of water used for construction

Inadequate quantity of water has adverse effect on the strength of mortar and cement concrete. The concrete does not produce required results despite using best raw materials, cement and tested water. Sometimes even executing engineers and contractors do not pay proper attention to water cement ratio or quantity of water for concrete mix.

The water mixed in mortar reacts with cement and forms a binding paste which fills small voids in the sand. This creates a close cohesion of sand particles and cement. In cement concrete, the voids formed between sand and coarse aggregate gets filled with the paste forming a cohesive substance/concrete. The water more than required quantity weakens the strength of cement paste. The following quantities of water should be used for one bag mix.
• Approximate 32 liters of water is required where the ratio 1:2:4 of cement concrete is used.
• Approximate 30 liters of water is required where the ratio 1:1.5:3 of cement concrete is used.

The water for ordinary cement concrete mix should be equal to 5% by weight of aggregate and 30% by weight of cement.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Safe Pest Management

Gardeners always think more seriously to control pests. Some insects harm cosmetics leaving plant intact while other pests destroy whole of the plant. Some chemicals are enough to kill pests and gardeners need not spray on plants to keep them probably away from toxicity that the plants can assume. Sensitive gardeners consider plants age when they are attacked by pests such as cabbage can tolerate heavy infestation of cabbage worm and tomatoes can also bear attack of flea beetles when these plants begin to mature. An early attack of pest can destroy plants life totally. Manufacturers respond to the need of safe pest control and gardeners too should not assume natural pesticide completely safe. Some strong poisons occur in nature, so any insecticide can have some degree of toxicity to kill pests and can cause harm users.
Let’s know more about pest management.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Home plumbing system

Home plumbing system is interconnected network of pipes and fittings to carry water in and out of the house. In fact there are three pipe systems like supply, drain-waste and vent system. Supply system carries water to your house and around all water fixtures and appliances. When you open a faucet or valve, the water flows out and when you close it, the flow stops till you open it again. Drain-waste system carries waste out of the house into a sewer outside the house. Vent system carries harmful sewer gasses away. When drainpipe is unfilled, sewer gasses arise and go though vent pipe out of the roof. Traps below each drain remain filled with sufficient water to prevent sewer gasses from seeping out the drain into your home. Vent system also helps maintain atmospheric pressure to help wastes flow easily.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fitting articles of furniture in small space bedroom

A small space bedroom can be turned into spacious if you properly arrange articles of furniture in bedroom. You can try these nice tips for spacious feel. Always purchase a bed according to the measurement; which can suit door ways to make sure that you will actually be comfortable in the room. Make use of Platform, Murphy or Futon bed in bedroom as they make the room spacious. You can look for Hind’s bed that can be folded in half and be bolted together. You should buy bed with large drawers which are extremely useful for storage.
Alternately you can use the space beneath the bed with wheeled drawers that can be pushed under and pulled out. Provide high level cabinets to store the articles which are occasionally used. Plan cabinets in such a way that has separate space for hanging clothes and could store other items of use also. Design recessed open shelves into walls for placing colorful items without taking extra space.
Let’s find out other useful tips that make small space bedroom spacious.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pros and Cons of Cement Concrete Flooring

The flooring is one of major concern in construction, and if you choose cement concrete flooring in your home, there are some advantages and disadvantages of the concrete flooring. It has following advantages.
  • It’s cheapest flooring.
  • It’s easy to lie.
  • It is easily maintained.
  • It possesses good wearing properties.
  • The material is easily available in any location. It has some disadvantages as mentioned below.
  • The flooring is hard and cold.
  • It has limitation in color and design. The flooring is not so durable as Terrazzo or Marble flooring.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Precautions While Growing Morning Glory

There are many precautions while growing Morning Glory plant. You should know about the soil that is not moist. Proper sunlight is essential for morning glory. Soak seeds in warm water for 24 hours for speedy germination. The ‘Glory’ does not need too much water and needs something to climb up like a wall; fence or garden poles. You should plant it next to the fence because it needs support as well as light. Plant more than one seed (two or three) about an inch deep into the soil for insurance though you need one plant.

Remove the plants that are grown in addition. Keep continue watering the plants and within a week strong shoots will be out. As the plant starts growing, gently pair it around the support and fertilize once or twice in the summer with liquid plant fertilizer. Morning Glory quickly grows and is covered with leaves and flowers. Remove all vines died due to frost. Each morning you will have stunning flowers which will die by the evening. Morning Glories produce an abundance of big blooms and grow up to 15 to 20 feet high during gardening season. Let’s find out more tips on growing the plant.
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Friday, October 3, 2008

How to Embellish Entrance Of Home

Entrance doors often make an impression on the guests and visitors. They express your understanding of aesthetic sense that you deserve for construction. Eye catching combination of colors and themes presents warmth of the place. Sometimes it works like a small shelter that has a porch. Natural elements around entrance doors are visually appealing. Hanging baskets of plants can be used to beautify covered porch. The baskets should be consistent in shape and color. The columns of doors can be embellished with climbers.
The look of entrance doors can be enhanced using unique wall cladding. You can combine a wall clad with a terracotta tiles. An entrance painted in bold colors like yellow, terracotta red, or forest green look very charming. Apply natural stone, terracotta, or matt-finished ceramic tiles for flooring around the door. A floor design can be focal point on entryways. Thus there may be more tips for the décor of entrance doors of the house.
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