Monday, October 13, 2008

Quantity of water used for construction

Inadequate quantity of water has adverse effect on the strength of mortar and cement concrete. The concrete does not produce required results despite using best raw materials, cement and tested water. Sometimes even executing engineers and contractors do not pay proper attention to water cement ratio or quantity of water for concrete mix.

The water mixed in mortar reacts with cement and forms a binding paste which fills small voids in the sand. This creates a close cohesion of sand particles and cement. In cement concrete, the voids formed between sand and coarse aggregate gets filled with the paste forming a cohesive substance/concrete. The water more than required quantity weakens the strength of cement paste. The following quantities of water should be used for one bag mix.
• Approximate 32 liters of water is required where the ratio 1:2:4 of cement concrete is used.
• Approximate 30 liters of water is required where the ratio 1:1.5:3 of cement concrete is used.

The water for ordinary cement concrete mix should be equal to 5% by weight of aggregate and 30% by weight of cement.

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