Monday, October 20, 2008

Maintenance of Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are rich source of exercises and regular swimming keeps us healthy for long time. To ensure proper functioning of swimming pools you should maintain them regularly. A well maintained pool prevents bacteria growth and ensures a lively environment for a long time. Here are given tips on how to maintain pools.

  • Sanitize swimming pool by mixing chlorine into water on weekly basis to kill bacteria. A chlorine feeder contains chlorine tablets that float on water and make sanitization easy. Don’t add much quantity of chlorine to the water.
  • Use ‘Bromine’ to sanitize your swimming pool. It is preferred by those who dislike foul smell of chlorine and have very sensitive skin.
  • Apply oxidization method to clean waste from the pool such as skin cells, cosmetics and old chlorine. Ozonator used for oxidization process produces ozone which cleans the pool effectively.
  • Use swimming pool skimmer and filter to collect dead leaves, branches, insects and garbage form water. Filtration in swimming pool is another option to maintain cleaning of pool. Change filter on regular basis for proper maintenance of pool.
  • Check electrical connections regularly to ensure that there is no naked wire. Also check diving board, handrail and ladders to ensure no crack in the board and no rusted or loose bolt. Circulate water in swimming pool for at least 12 hour a day.
  • Check pH Balance of water by placing white test strip in pool water for a second and compare changed color of strip. PH level of water should be in the range of 7.2 -7.8. If pH level is too high, add pH decreaser to pool water and if pH level is too low add pH increaser to pool water to get balance level.
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