Friday, October 10, 2008

Home plumbing system

Home plumbing system is interconnected network of pipes and fittings to carry water in and out of the house. In fact there are three pipe systems like supply, drain-waste and vent system. Supply system carries water to your house and around all water fixtures and appliances. When you open a faucet or valve, the water flows out and when you close it, the flow stops till you open it again. Drain-waste system carries waste out of the house into a sewer outside the house. Vent system carries harmful sewer gasses away. When drainpipe is unfilled, sewer gasses arise and go though vent pipe out of the roof. Traps below each drain remain filled with sufficient water to prevent sewer gasses from seeping out the drain into your home. Vent system also helps maintain atmospheric pressure to help wastes flow easily.

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