Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Precautions While Laying Sanitary and Sewer Pipes

To maintain sanitary conditions and keep house neat and clean, every homeowner should take proper care while designing pipe lines for sanitary and sewer of the house. Usually the top of floor trap is not fixed by taking proper level of the floor of building; which creates problem of drainage. Floor trap should be fixed after marking levels of the proposed floor in the building. Here are discussed some precautions for proper implementation of sanitary and sewer pipes.

  • The top of floor traps in toilet and kitchen should be 12 mm to 20 mm down from floor level of building to provide proper slope for easy drainage of water.
  • Sewer lines that cross road or drain should be passed through C.I. or RCC pipes.
  • Greater depth of seal will stop foul air to come to house from sewer.
  • Waste pipes should be connected to main sewer only through gully trap to avoid direct foul smell.
  • The joints of pipes should be filled with spun yarn, lead and ensure proper cocking to avoid any leakage.
  • To check any leakage, close sewer line at one side by using gunny bags or cement mortar and fill in the pipe with water on other side till the pipe is completely filled. After some time the water will come to the surface or in the joints of the pipe.
  • The top of pipe line should be covered with cement concrete after checking leakage.
  • The mouth of pipes should be covered with empty gunny bags to avoid blockage.
  • Keep proper gradient or slope for smooth flow of water and easy cleaning.

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