Friday, December 26, 2008

Garage Organization Tips

A garage can be used to store several items besides parking your cars/vehicles. Here are given some tips on proper garage organization.

Shelves: these are best options to store containers and small items. Fix shelves that are strong enough to bear the load of items put on them.

High Cabinets: you can store any toxic items like paint, weed killers and bug sprays etc. in high cabinets away from children and pet animals’ reach.

Hooks: Hooks are the best choices for long handle items with hole to hang on hooks. They are good for hanging any type of cover for your car or grill when they are not in use.

Tool Holder: wall tool holders are good choice for weed trimmers, shovels, garden equipment and brooms etc. These holders organize various items and keeps garage clutter free.

Pegboards: pegboard holders are inexpensive garage organization tools and you can easily change garage organization by changing your pegboard holders. You can hang photographs of any work or project on them next to holders. You can install pegboard in each section of your garage.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bedroom Furnishing Tips

The choice of right furniture for bedroom not only gives you pleasure, fun and relaxation but enhances the look of your bedroom also. The selection of an attractive beds such as canopy, divan, bunk, futon etc. makes your style conspicuous. The bed and bedding are basic items that create a theme in your bedroom. Some beds like four poster bed offer specific look that you need for overall bedroom theme. The softness of mattress can be adjusted perfectly as per requirements. You can go for platform bed with mattresses of your choice. You should keep in mind comfort level when you are going to select a bed, mattresses, dressers, wardrobes and other furnishing items for your bedroom.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Rustic Style Interior

Rustic style interior presents wildlife atmosphere in your home. Interiors of rustic style show flora and fauna through all accessories, furnishings, lightings, flooring etc. This style is based on wildlife, accents, and cottage logs. Rustic style consists of color palettes that usually include leather, metals with gloss and wood floors, wooden furniture, branches, bark, or twigs, wrought iron or rusted metals. The nature has a variety of colors; abundance of dark greens and browns, mild golden grass and blues and bright reds. Interior décor of any room can be more appealing with green color that is complementary to any other color.

 Natural fabrics like cotton, hemp, linen, wool, or animal hides are used for the décor of this style. Old blankets, bright table cloths can be used as window toppers or pillow covers. An artificial wall paper border can be used for new decorative scheme. Natural and plain wood is often best suited for rustic style interior. The craftsmanship through straight lines on furniture goes well with interior décor of rustic style furniture. Old frames with borders shows nice art on wall and the texture of these frames can be focal point of wooden hut. Pottery mixed with flower vases and wall scones add charm to any room and help to create a strong focal point.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Small Size Porch Design Ideas

Well designed porch is a right place to sit and enjoy leisure movements and outdoor beauty with family. Any of open, screened and sunroom porches add value to your home.
While designing a porch keep in mind following aspects.

Open Poparch Design

Porch Size: the size of porch should be proportional to the size of your house i.e. a small house should have a small porch while large house may have large porch. A porch does not be too small or too large; which looks ugly and unsymmetrical.

Porch Designing: Porch columns should reflect overall style of your house. They should be big, round pillars of concrete instead of thin wrought iron pillars. Designing porch by grouping columns in pairs gives aesthetic sense to the beauty of your house. Several porches are designed with rows of spindle or curved blusters. Porch walls should be low for more private retreat and upper ledge should be built at the height of windowsills of first floor. Porch ceilings are painted in blue or sky colors on traditional homes. You can paint porch ceiling in paint color of your house or you can go for clear urethane.

Porch Decking: Opt for a wood that resists pests and rots for decking of your porch. The wood is Mahogany coated with clear satin urethane. If you lay decking in a frame pattern with outer edge parallel to the steps, the craftsmanship of your porch will be superior.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Ventilation Guidelines While Designing Building

•Construct building at 90 degrees angle to the direction of wind. Enjoy maximum wind by constructing building ranging from 0 degree to 30 degrees.
•Take solar heat while constructing the building in case the wind prevails in the East and the West.
•Provide low level windows in the direction of wind flow. Also keep the position of windows according to the components of building.
•Arrange openings of windows in such a way that they provide maximum light in occupancy area.

•Locate outlet openings at high level in opposite direction of wind flow. Keep inlet and outlet area at equal level to get maximum air flow.
•Keep the height of window sill 2’ to 2-1/2 ‘from floor level to get maximum natural air. The height of sill should be 1’-1/2’ from floor level in buildings where persons are working or sitting on the floor.
•Keep opening 
area 20 to 30% of floor area. The area of opening should be 30 to 50 % of floor area where the wind is quite constant.
•Provide open space around the house to get maximum natural air and light where the flow of wind low.
•Fix two windows instead of single one in the room which has only exposed wall.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tips on Clutter Free Home

  • Use multiple coffee mugs, plastic bags and cleaning products for kitchen items.
  • Go for cabinets and drawers to place extra things replacing damaged pieces.
  • Store less used items into boxes or onto trays to clean counters thoroughly
  • Display ornamental items such as toaster, coffeemaker, and crocks of utensils on countertop if you have enough space in the kitchen.
  • Discard bottles of perfume, lotion and nail polish if they are almost empty. Keep essential items in bathroom.
  • Unclog stuffed drawers and lighten them to find things you need faster.
  • Use your wall space for wall soap dish or toothbrush holder, towel holders and washcloths.
  • Do not clutter your bedroom with unnecessary furniture. Use essentials such as bed, dresser, nightstands, lamp, a chair or bench.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Tips to choose dining room furniture

dining furniture
  • Don’t buy tables with sharp edges as they can cause harm to younger children and you. Be consistent dining furniture with rest interior of dining room.
  • Utilize an extend able table in dining room if you have a small family since these dining tables can easily be increased or decreased depending on the number of people having meal.
  • Purchase dining table with in-built drawers to store table napkins, spoons, table cloths etc.
  • Keep up at least 1 meter width of dining table to serve your all food items comfortably.
  • Decide your budget for dining room furniture since dining room furniture is expensive.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Digital Door Viewer Security

Digital door viewers are modern security devices and are used to recognize any false person standing at the door. These door viewers are cheap, easy to install and enables you to identify the person without opening the door. They keep record or identity of persons, time and date even in absence of house owner. If the visitor is genuine, home owner can call him in later. The digital door viewers have motion sensor and a color LCD display to record movements of every visitor to home. They can be fixed into peep hole of entrance doors. Most viewers are made from metals and are positioned at the height of head. You can install additional door viewer at lower height for children.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Curtain Room Dividers

Curtain room dividers are very functional and easy to maintain. These room dividers are light weight and are less likely to fall down. When curtain room dividers have a gust of wind, they only go back and maintain their original position the next movement. These room dividers are cheaper than other room dividers. They are very convenient and you can easily buy a piece of cloth or fabric for curtains of your house. You can make curtain room divider by using any material around you instead of spending on new fabric for curtains.

Let’s search more information on curtain room dividers.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Living Room Floor Lamps and Table Lamps

Floor lamps and table lamps are used for bright lighting in living room. Table lamps placed on tables and shelves can be used for reading purposes. The lamp should be placed properly on table to reduce glare or strain on eyes. Table lamps create intimate look in your living room. A stained glass floor lamp or table lamp on side table functions as reading light and create balanced ambience of lighting in your living room. Wrought iron table lamps and floor lamps are most popular choices of lighting in living rooms. Stylish lamps illuminate and add to the warmth of living room.
Let’s search more tips on living room table lamps and floor lamps.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Precautions during fabrication of window grills

If fabrication of windows and ventilators grills is proper, they provide security to any home. Any negligence during grills’ fabrication weakens the strength of windows and affects the beauty of them as well. Good quality grills should always be used for beauty and strength of windows. Here are some precautions during fabrication of window security grills.

  • Fabricate grills according to size and space left in windows, ventilators and other openings.

  • Use standard size MS steel flat or steel bars according to the requirement.

  • Weld corners by flash butt welding or metal arc welding in full length at the joints instead of touch welding only. The joints are finished with grinder.

  • Do not leave any cavity holes in welding.

  • Avoid punching of holes instead the holes should be drilled

  • Fix the grills of wooden or aluminum frames with steel screws. The top of screws is counter sunk; not left outside the grills.

  • Give one coat of primer before fixing grills.

  • Ensure that corners of grills are at right angle.

  • Use the material which is free from rust, cracks, and surface flaws, rough and imperfect edges.
    Let’s know more precautions on fabrication of window security grills.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Environment-Friendly Paints

Raw materials used in paint are technically good but no longer environment-friendly. Organic solvents are examples of paint raw materials which the industry is seeking to reduce their use. Non-lead based wood primers that match up the performance of old white/red lead products and blends of mercury-free biocides create anti-microbial atmosphere and provide healthy living environment. Water based paint is one of the best achievements in paint industry to create environment friendly atmosphere.

environmentally friendly houses

Limestone whitewash or paint can prevent the surfaces of buildings from moisture and any damage. Clay paint can absorb odor and remains as a good choice for kitchen and bathroom areas. Re-cyclic use of paint has become another way of keeping natural environment safe. So environment friendly-paint not only keeps environment safe but makes you and your family healthier.

Let’s search more tips on environmentally-friendly paints and other useful information to make environment better.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style consists of smooth, clean and geometric shapes. Black, white or other neutral tones of upholstered furniture offer textured look to the interior of contemporary style. Wool, cotton, silk, linen, jute etc. also give textural appeal. Simple, uncluttered and plain furniture without any curves is used in this style. Articles of furniture like sofas, chairs and ottomans have no side cover, skirt, trim or tassels.

The pillows have textured surface with clean geometric shapes. Contemporary style flooring consists of wood, tile or vinyl. The carpets can be used for warmth and acoustic reasons. In contemporary style interior fewer articles of furniture with plain designs are used. The interior of this style is based on “Less is More” principle i.e. the use of fewer articles of furniture or items.

Let’s look for more features of contemporary style furniture and enhance interior beauty of our homes in the same way.

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Bamboo Patio Furniture

Bamboo patio furniture is very popular because it is light weight, durable and cheaper than Teak or Cedar wood furniture. Bamboo furniture is popular choice for patio or garden because it is environment-friendly and remains cool in summer. Bamboo is fast growing, sustainable and stronger than wood. It is selected for its strength and resistance against bad weather.

wood patio furniture

Bamboo patio tables, chairs and benches give nice look to outdoor beauty of your home. A variety of items and designs in bamboo furniture makes this furniture superior to others. The finished look of bamboo furniture is appealing and enhances outdoor beauty of your home.

Let’s find out more information on bamboo patio furniture.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Traditional Style Interior Decor

In traditional style rich colored and deluxe fabrics like silk, damask, leather and velvet offer an elegant look to upholstered furniture. The fabric is comforting and gives soft feel. Jute and velvet fabrics used for carpets enrich the grace of traditional style interior. Traditional style curtains with ornamental poles offer surprising look to the interior decor of traditional style. Swag curtains produce a royal look and cover windows in ornamental way whereas valances look very beautiful. You can embellish curtains with tie-backs that match up with curtain poles.

In traditional style lighting, wall sconces, beautiful chandeliers, lamps with silky shades and floor lamps offer stylish look to the room. Natural and white shades of lighting are used to add to the beauty of any room in your house. Paintings, wall hangings, mirrors, statues, sculptures are basics of traditional style interior and offer an aesthetic appeal.

Let’s search for more tips on traditional style interior decor.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Kids’ Room Decoration

You can decorate kids room with several articles like a desk, chair, and lamp for reading. The following are some options to do that.

Sports Theme

You can paint walls in strips with child’s favorite colors. For accent on themes you can hang posters of athletes in action.

Geometric Themes

Diamond shape patterns are attractive and you can paint one wall in this pattern using favorite colors of your kids. The pattern should be repeated in other ways such as in fabrics of chair and pillows.

Floral Pattern Theme

You can use wallpaper or stencil a border showing flowery pattern around upper edge of the walls. You should pick light colors for the pattern. You should ensure that the pattern is favorite choice of your kids. You can hang framed posters of flowers to show same colors and theme for border.

In addition you can add some attractive accessories such as a comforter with black and white checks to ornament your kids room. You can also use splashes of extra colors with decorative pillows and works of art. Decorative accessories, darker colors in design, colorful silk flower arrangement in beautiful vase enhance the beauty of kids’ room.

Let’s find out more themes such as jungle theme, cartoon theme, sea theme, traveler theme and tips on kids’ room.

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Home Construction Safety

The house owner should depute a professional contractor to avoid any mishap during construction works. Since the law lay fine on house owner for any accident occurred during construction so the owner should assign construction job to a reputed contractor who uses good quality material and latest techniques for the construction of house. The contractor should make a barricade around construction area for the safety of passers-by. He should try to dismantle the portion with safety measures during dismantle of old building; which can cause hurt to laborers or passers-by. Good construction material like first class bricks, good quality cement, coarse sand etc. should be standard material for the strength of building. Also the materials like electricity cables, plumbing tools, water supply lines and waste water pipe lines should be kept in mind to make a good construction.

Let’ find out more home security tips for proper construction of the house.

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