Monday, December 22, 2008

Rustic Style Interior

Rustic style interior presents wildlife atmosphere in your home. Interiors of rustic style show flora and fauna through all accessories, furnishings, lightings, flooring etc. This style is based on wildlife, accents, and cottage logs. Rustic style consists of color palettes that usually include leather, metals with gloss and wood floors, wooden furniture, branches, bark, or twigs, wrought iron or rusted metals. The nature has a variety of colors; abundance of dark greens and browns, mild golden grass and blues and bright reds. Interior décor of any room can be more appealing with green color that is complementary to any other color.

 Natural fabrics like cotton, hemp, linen, wool, or animal hides are used for the décor of this style. Old blankets, bright table cloths can be used as window toppers or pillow covers. An artificial wall paper border can be used for new decorative scheme. Natural and plain wood is often best suited for rustic style interior. The craftsmanship through straight lines on furniture goes well with interior décor of rustic style furniture. Old frames with borders shows nice art on wall and the texture of these frames can be focal point of wooden hut. Pottery mixed with flower vases and wall scones add charm to any room and help to create a strong focal point.

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