Friday, December 26, 2008

Garage Organization Tips

A garage can be used to store several items besides parking your cars/vehicles. Here are given some tips on proper garage organization.

Shelves: these are best options to store containers and small items. Fix shelves that are strong enough to bear the load of items put on them.

High Cabinets: you can store any toxic items like paint, weed killers and bug sprays etc. in high cabinets away from children and pet animals’ reach.

Hooks: Hooks are the best choices for long handle items with hole to hang on hooks. They are good for hanging any type of cover for your car or grill when they are not in use.

Tool Holder: wall tool holders are good choice for weed trimmers, shovels, garden equipment and brooms etc. These holders organize various items and keeps garage clutter free.

Pegboards: pegboard holders are inexpensive garage organization tools and you can easily change garage organization by changing your pegboard holders. You can hang photographs of any work or project on them next to holders. You can install pegboard in each section of your garage.

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