Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tips on Clutter Free Home

  • Use multiple coffee mugs, plastic bags and cleaning products for kitchen items.
  • Go for cabinets and drawers to place extra things replacing damaged pieces.
  • Store less used items into boxes or onto trays to clean counters thoroughly
  • Display ornamental items such as toaster, coffeemaker, and crocks of utensils on countertop if you have enough space in the kitchen.
  • Discard bottles of perfume, lotion and nail polish if they are almost empty. Keep essential items in bathroom.
  • Unclog stuffed drawers and lighten them to find things you need faster.
  • Use your wall space for wall soap dish or toothbrush holder, towel holders and washcloths.
  • Do not clutter your bedroom with unnecessary furniture. Use essentials such as bed, dresser, nightstands, lamp, a chair or bench.

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