Saturday, December 6, 2008

Environment-Friendly Paints

Raw materials used in paint are technically good but no longer environment-friendly. Organic solvents are examples of paint raw materials which the industry is seeking to reduce their use. Non-lead based wood primers that match up the performance of old white/red lead products and blends of mercury-free biocides create anti-microbial atmosphere and provide healthy living environment. Water based paint is one of the best achievements in paint industry to create environment friendly atmosphere.

environmentally friendly houses

Limestone whitewash or paint can prevent the surfaces of buildings from moisture and any damage. Clay paint can absorb odor and remains as a good choice for kitchen and bathroom areas. Re-cyclic use of paint has become another way of keeping natural environment safe. So environment friendly-paint not only keeps environment safe but makes you and your family healthier.

Let’s search more tips on environmentally-friendly paints and other useful information to make environment better.

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