Monday, December 1, 2008

Home Construction Safety

The house owner should depute a professional contractor to avoid any mishap during construction works. Since the law lay fine on house owner for any accident occurred during construction so the owner should assign construction job to a reputed contractor who uses good quality material and latest techniques for the construction of house. The contractor should make a barricade around construction area for the safety of passers-by. He should try to dismantle the portion with safety measures during dismantle of old building; which can cause hurt to laborers or passers-by. Good construction material like first class bricks, good quality cement, coarse sand etc. should be standard material for the strength of building. Also the materials like electricity cables, plumbing tools, water supply lines and waste water pipe lines should be kept in mind to make a good construction.

Let’ find out more home security tips for proper construction of the house.

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