Thursday, July 31, 2008

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is a product of artistic design and is a form of decorative art. Antique furniture is available in different colors and variety. White color antique furniture has a universal appeal.

Antique white bedroom furniture can be found in a wide range of designs and styles, so that you can select one that matches your taste. A different color gives your room an elegant look. Antique white furniture is neutral in color and design and will be fit in your bedroom.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Decorate the Space under Stairs

Is your house is not looking beautiful due to some cluttered place. Here is something missing in you house decoration. Find out which area of house is not looking beautiful. Is this a space under stairs? Decoration of this area is so easy, just follow these tips.

The space under stairs can be used for placing decorative pieces, sculptures and indoor plants. Use the space for a small toilet or study. The space under external stairs can be used for plants.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vastu Tips for Overhead Water Tank

Vastu verifies to set up overhead water tank in west or southwest direction of building. The water tank in this direction creates balance of energies in the house. Overhead water tank is not good at center of the house as it is a heavy structure and will make center heavy. Tank should be 2 feet above form the slab.

There should not be leakage in overhead tank as it can cause loss of money. It should not be made of plastic. If the tank is of plastic, it should be of black or blue color as these colors absorb sun rays which create positive energy when absorbed in water. Let’s know more vastu tips for overhead water tank.
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Tips for gardening

Gardening is a magnificent hobby. One can learn gardening within a short span of time. For being successful in the task you need to know some basic tips. Flower plants make a beautiful garden. Containers are good choice for flowers plants. Plant bulb flower plants, shrubs and creepers in garden. It is good to draw your garden plan on a paper before starting plantation. Make a decision for the location of each plant.

Taller plants block view of shorter plants, so they should be planted at the back of garden. Proper watering is also important for plants. You should know about water requirements of each plant. In first week, your plant needs water daily. In second week it can be watered every two days. Afterwards the plant needs to be watered once a week. Let’s seek more tips on gardening.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Checklist for Painting Work

After the painting is over, one needs to check if there is any flaw in the work. At first check whether all masonry surfaces, voids, pores and cracks are filled with filler. Make sure that wooden surface is free from all loose dust; smoothly rubbed with Emery paper. All nail holes, cracks and other defects in wood surfaces are properly filled and smoothed. Apply sandpaper or wire brush to remove rust, grease, oil and loose mater etc. on steel surfaces. The surface should be dry and free from moisture. Make sure the use of primer on painting new surfaces. Quality and make of the paint should be verified.

There should be a uniformity of thickness for application of each coat of paint. Observe painted surface for paint drops, brush marks, waves and for variation in color, texture and finish. Hard to reach places such as edges, corners, gaps, cracks are checked well. The paint fallen on floors and walls etc. is completely cleaned and glass panes are spotless.
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vastu Tips for Plants and Trees

Vastu recommends to plant small plants in the East and North side. But no tree should be planted in North-east corner. Big trees can be planted in the South and West portion of the house. They should not be too close to the building as they block sunlight and roots of the trees can damage foundation. The roots of big trees also absorb sunlight and do not allow it to reach the house.

Thorny plants should not be planted in the house as these plants except rose can have negative energy. The creepers should be planted near entrance door. They should not be raised on compound wall of the building. It is good to plant creeper in garden. Avoid milky trees in the house as it may affect on the health of family members. Know more Vastu tips on plants and trees.
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Friday, July 18, 2008

What Vastu says about colors?

Vastu recommends some auspicious colors for happiness and enrichment of energies in house. Purple color inspires faith, respect and trust but never paint entire room in purple color as it may be overwhelming. However a light purple color can be used for a cheering ambiance. Orange color encourages positive feeling, happiness, joy and good social relationship. White is an elegant color and looks good when combined with other colors.

White ceilings are suggested by most of the people as it reflects light and brightens the room. Pink color can be used in master bedroom and bedrooms in the South and Southwest for happiness and pure feeling. Avoid black and gray color in house as these may cause frustration and hopelessness. Let’s know more Vastu tips for colors.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Safety Tips for Living Room

Safety in living room has more importance as this place is used regularly by family members and guests. Safety proof plugs are used to cover electrical outlet in your home. Keep living room clutter free to avoid falls. Make use of round edge furniture of instead of sharp edges which can be harmful to kids.

Never place lighting fixtures near curtains, clothes etc. The light is switched off when not in use. Make proper arrangements for ventilation in the room. The fireplace is covered with metal fire flame. The room should be painted in proper shades for artistic appeal. Let’s make living room safe using more tips.
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How to embellish an old fashioned bedroom

New approaches of interior d├ęcor inspire to change old look of a bedroom and makes us enthusiastic for the decoration. There are a number of ways to makeover the room. To add glitters and curiosity with Jewelry use ‘Sham’ diamond jewels to your porthole to make the room shiny. A huge amount of ornamental materials like butterfly sticks from stores overwhelm any decor. In addition you can do fanciful artwork in bedroom by way of wall paintings which are made by yourself or by your beloved artists.

Hanging paintings in a sequence give beautiful effect to the wall or room. In addition you can apply lamps which are bedroom accessories. These are usually kept on bedside table and on accented wall of bedroom. Besides them flowers are also essential to ornament and can fully change the outlook of bedroom. Change them weekly with flowers of bright shade which give refreshing look to the room. Let’s read lots of tips on bedroom makeover.
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Precautions for Steel Bars in RCC Work

All finished steel bars for reinforced work are neatly rolled to the dimension and weights as specified. They are sound, free from cracks, surface flaws, laminations, rough, jagged and imperfect edges and other defects. The bars are clear, free from loose mil scales, dust and loose rust coats of paints, oil or other coatings which may destroy or reduce bond strength.

They are stored in such a way as to avoid distortion and to prevent deterioration and corrosion. The steel bars are not cleaned by oily substance to remove the rust. The bar is bent correctly and accurately to the size and shape as shown in drawings. If possible, the bar of full length is used.

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Types of Bathroom Flooring

Flooring plays significant role in functioning of bathroom. There are many choices of flooring like ceramic tiles, terrazzo, marble, vinyl flooring for bathroom. Terrazzo flooring is available in various textures and colors. Marble and granite chips are used in terrazzo flooring to make beautiful designs. Marble flooring is durable and provides a royal look to bathroom.

It’s available in variety of shapes such as square tiles, rectangular or whole slabs. PVC/ Vinyl flooring is available in different shapes and patterns. It’s flexible, unbreakable, water proof and easy to clean. It is inexpensive and remains long-lasting in all toughest conditions. It gives luxurious look to the room. You can go for any of them you like the most.

Friday, July 11, 2008

What Vastu says about Doors & Windows?

Vastu confirms to make doors and windows in the North and East. They should be even in numbers but not multiples of 8. If the door is making noise while moving, it should be repaired otherwise it can cause quarrel. There should not be cracked door in a house. It should be replaced as soon as possible.

The entrance door should be well decorated with pictures and decorative pieces. The main entrance door of two houses opposite to each other should not be opened towards outwards. If there is more than one story in a building, one door over another door should be avoided. Let’s know more Vastu tips on doors and windows.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Making a Pleasant Bathroom

Modern accessories give wonderful look to a bathroom. They turn bath into rapture and give a luxurious feel. There are many choices of bathroom accessories like taps, towel holders/rails, soap dishes, tooth brush holders, wash basins, bath tubs, cabinets and shower trays etc. Wash basin is broad enough so as to allow hands and face to be washed.

Taps of wash basin are clearly marked whether it is of hot or cold water tap. The main types of wash basin are ‘Pedestal wash basin’ and ‘Cabinet wash basin’. You can opt for any basin that suits your bathroom. Wall mount basins look attractive in bathroom. Let’s search more tips on accessories in bathroom.
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Finishing of Paint

Painting work is imperfect till it shows uneven and inconsistent finishing. A good work requires consistent and flawless painted surface. A flat finishing for interior walls provides non reflective and rich finishing. It’s also great at hiding irregularities and surface imperfections. High-gloss finishing is a good choice for high shinning and easy cleaning.

Exterior surfaces require special finishing with specific qualities. The finishing is highly durable, weather resistant and is suitable for most exterior masonry surfaces. The texture hides fine cracks and provides long lasting weather protection. Let’s know more tips on finishing of the paint.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

How to Make Small Kitchen Spacious

A small kitchen can be turned into large one by using some smart tips. You can enjoy the pleasure of cooking in small kitchen as well. Provide acrylic sheet or marble stone corner under open space available in the kitchen to store detergents used for cleaning utensils. Keep a ridge up on the top of your stove to put small items such as your spices and tiny objects.

Place a pot shelf up to carry bigger items like cutting boards, pans, vessels, skillets, and other grave items to keep them away till you need them. Ensure that work top and sink levels are adjusted to suit your height for easy working. Let’s know more tips for enjoyable cooking.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Lighting & Colors in Master Bedroom

Carefully designed lighting creates aesthetic and romantic appeal to master bedroom. It is not too harsh or too calm. The bedroom usually has a nightstand with one or two drawers placed beside the bed to spread a warm glow into the room. The nightstands not only cheer up but add to the furnishing also. They must match with the entire design/decor of the room. Chandeliers are a wonderful lighting choice and add a loving theme in master bedroom.

The colors give motivating glow to the room. Relaxing and refreshing colors like green, ivory and slate blue for master bedroom reflect light without shadow. Decorating walls is not simply about applying colors but creating visual effects to the whole of the room also. Light color in master bedroom gives relaxing atmosphere. The color of wall and ceiling should match with the theme of the room so that it may add ornamental feels to the room. Let’s know more of master bedroom.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Charm of Flowers in Dinning Room

The use of fresh flowers as a showpiece on dinning room table adds to the pleasure of taking meal. The flowers should be of red and gold colors. The nature of flowers mainly depends on the style of the room. For simple, graceful table furnishing you can put a sequence of flashing vases or candles on table cloth.

Placing refreshing flowers in every vase makes the area beautiful. This showpiece definitely creates surprising atmosphere during brunch or casual dinners. The candles make stimulating blend with sophistication of flowers. A lonely flower such as ‘Daisy’ to cherish mood and feel affection of love can make the place a centre of attraction. Let’s cheer up dining zone with fresh flowers.
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Quality of Finished Medium Tensile Steel

The finished medium tensile steel should be fine and be rolled cleanly to the dimension and should have weight as specified by BIS subject to permissible tolerance.

The finished material should be free from cracks, surface flaws laminations, rough and imperfect edges and other harmful defects. Steel section should be freeing from excessive rust, scaling and tilting and be well protected. Let’s find out more tips on specification of steel.
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