Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How to embellish an old fashioned bedroom

New approaches of interior décor inspire to change old look of a bedroom and makes us enthusiastic for the decoration. There are a number of ways to makeover the room. To add glitters and curiosity with Jewelry use ‘Sham’ diamond jewels to your porthole to make the room shiny. A huge amount of ornamental materials like butterfly sticks from stores overwhelm any decor. In addition you can do fanciful artwork in bedroom by way of wall paintings which are made by yourself or by your beloved artists.

Hanging paintings in a sequence give beautiful effect to the wall or room. In addition you can apply lamps which are bedroom accessories. These are usually kept on bedside table and on accented wall of bedroom. Besides them flowers are also essential to ornament and can fully change the outlook of bedroom. Change them weekly with flowers of bright shade which give refreshing look to the room. Let’s read lots of tips on bedroom makeover.
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