Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Checklist for Painting Work

After the painting is over, one needs to check if there is any flaw in the work. At first check whether all masonry surfaces, voids, pores and cracks are filled with filler. Make sure that wooden surface is free from all loose dust; smoothly rubbed with Emery paper. All nail holes, cracks and other defects in wood surfaces are properly filled and smoothed. Apply sandpaper or wire brush to remove rust, grease, oil and loose mater etc. on steel surfaces. The surface should be dry and free from moisture. Make sure the use of primer on painting new surfaces. Quality and make of the paint should be verified.

There should be a uniformity of thickness for application of each coat of paint. Observe painted surface for paint drops, brush marks, waves and for variation in color, texture and finish. Hard to reach places such as edges, corners, gaps, cracks are checked well. The paint fallen on floors and walls etc. is completely cleaned and glass panes are spotless.
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