Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rain Water Pipe for Proper Drainage

Rainy water includes storm water (rainy water), surface water, street wash and washing water excluding sewage and industrial waste. The water is harmful to the foundation and health of the occupants of the house if it’s not driven out properly. A good quality rain water pipe and its’ proper fixation make your home neat, clean, safe of mud and rain water. Wrongly fitted pipes can cause harm to the contents of the building. Make use of asbestos cement pipes that are widely used for smooth flow of rain water.

The pipes have many advantages like they are easy to handle, quick in laying and brick filling. They are easy in cutting, drilling, threading and fitting. They are of light weight and have tight joints. They are anti-corrosive for most natural soils conditions. The number and size of the pipes for rainy water is determined by the area of roof and on the basis of average rate of rainfall in the area. The pipes for rainy water should normally be sized on the basis of roof area. Let’s find out more tips on rain water pipes.

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