Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Contemporary living room furniture

To create the sense of comfort and style in your living room, you can opt for contemporary living room furniture. It includes accent chairs, wicker coffee tables, end tables, ottomans, pedestal tables and normal sofas. Here are given a few choices of contemporary living room furniture.

Contemporary sofas: Sofa is always a center of attraction in living room. In the same way contemporary sofa gives functional and aesthetic sense. It provides comfort and relaxation and can be used as sofa cum bed in living room.

Wickers coffee table: Place wicker coffee tables in living room to add an elegant touch to the prettiness of the room. These tables are available in different designs such as: oval, rectangular, square etc. Wicker coffee tables are easy to maintain.

TV stands: These stands provide base for television or other entertaining devices. The stands available in a variety of designs offer aesthetic look to your living room. Some stands have drawers to store CDs and DVD players.

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