Thursday, February 12, 2009

Home Office Organization Tips

Do you want to organize an office in your home? If yes, you need to know organizing tips while designing a home office. Though a professional organizer can help you in organizing the office, yet I am trying to make a list of home office organizing tips.
  • Utilize adequate space: adequate and clean work space is required to install computer hardware and peripheral equipments and lay materials, files, papers and supplies. Ensure your office furniture gives enough space for work and storage.
  • Place hardware and peripherals properly: place equipments of daily use within easy reach. The printer, CPU etc. should be placed under the desk if they are used less frequently. A scanner can be placed outside workplace if it is used rarely.
  • Hide cables and wires: always label cords that connect different components to each other and the cord of electric supply. To avoid clutter you can club wires together like computer speaker wires with stereo speake wires.
  • Pile up equipments: Stacking equipment can make most efficient use of space in a home office space. But be careful not to stack any equipment with ventilating tools on the top because they might get too warm.

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