Friday, August 28, 2009

Precautions while cleaning ceiling

When you are planning to clean whole house, start the project from ceiling followed by dusting off walls, doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, covering utensils and cleaning floors. Some precautions should be followed while cleaning ceiling since it is a tough job and needs regular maintenance.

  • Cover furniture, floors and fixtures with cloths, polythene sheets or any other covering material to protect them from droppings.
  • Avoid using ladder or stool for cleaning instead use long handle device.
  • Always wash ceilings before washing walls and floors to avoid dirt fall on clean walls and floors.
  • Wear rubber gloves with cuff for safeguard of hands while cleaning the ceiling with liquid cleaner.
  • Utilize goggles or cloth to protect eyes while cleaning the ceiling.
  • Ensure that no drips of water or cleaning agent run on the walls.
  • Never rub cobwebs on ceiling or walls for cleaning as it will spoil the finishing leaving ugly marks on the surface.

For more precautions on cleaning of ceiling, click on this link.

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