Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tips for Office Furniture

While buying furniture for your office you should think about employees’ comfort and health. It is important to think about size, shape, comfort and material of furniture. The office furniture mainly includes chairs, desks, filing cabinets and cupboards. You can opt for ergonomic furniture to increase the productivity of employees since this furniture is not harmful to body.

Office Chair: Office chair should be comfortable since employees spend eight hours daily. Your office furniture is not too comfortable or too uncomfortable. If you place too uncomfortable furniture, it may affect the health of employees causing fatigue, back ache and spine problem.

Filing Cabinet: To make your office clutter free and store files, filing cabinet is required. The filing cabinet of small size is adjustable in your cabin. It can reduce clutter and organize your work. Horizontal filing cabinets or storage pedestals are easy to access and help to reduce the cutter in office.

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