Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Installation of Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink is used for disposal of wastages into sewerage system. You can increase sink utility by installing a unit suited to your needs, for example you can replace single bowl unit with double bowl unit. Here are given a few steps for installation of kitchen sink.

  • Place the sink at right space: Measure the space left in countertop for sink and place the sink to the correct size according to existing hole. Put the sink in space left in counter top from upper side and keep the top of sink 2 cm or equal to the thickness of stone used in counter top below top level of countertop.
  • Keep the sink parallel to countertop: Ensure that the sink is parallel to countertop and is placed in a way as not to disturb underlying cabinet.
  • Install the sink properly: Fit C. P. brass or P.V. C union in sink drainage hole as per manufacturers’ instructions with white lead and thread. Make sure that the fitting is tight without having any leakage. C. P. brass or P.V. C. union should be connected to 40 mm G. I. or P. V. C waste pipe, which are bent towards wall and discharge into floor trap.

For more tips on installation of kitchen sink, click on the link below.

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