Thursday, August 6, 2009

Know house wiring rules as per ISI specifications

I’ve come to know some Indian electricity ISI rules which I want to share with you for the safety of your house and you too. To make your home electric shock proof, keep in mind the following precautions while doing house wiring.

  • Implement wiring on distribution system: The wiring should be carried out on distribution systems with main and branch distribution boards to convenient centers. It is without isolated fuses. As far as possible all conductors should run along walls and ceilings for thorough inspection.
  • Don’t exceed load on circuit: The number of points on light circuits should not exceed 10 or total load on circuit should not exceed 800 watts. For power wiring circuit the number of points in a circuit should not be more than 2 and the size of wire should be 1.5 mm square for copper and 2 mm square for aluminum.
  • Utilize earth wire of proper gauge: Earth wire should be 14 SWG in case of copper and 4 mm square in case of aluminum. Fuse wire should be connected to phase wire only and neutral link should be connected to neutral wire. Connect all switches in phase wire. Minimum size of earth wire for light circuit is 1 mm square for copper and 1.5 mm square for aluminum.

To know more ISI house wiring rules, click on this link.

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