Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vastu makes married life blissful

Vastu interprets how to make married life delightful and successful. Vastu provides solutions to various difficulties in marital life. For example it tells to locate bedroom in south-west direction of the house for pleasant life. It prohibits using north-east bedroom for newly wed couple. The south-west of bedroom is right way to place bed whereas south direction is appropriate for placing head-side of the bed. Wooden bed gives better results rather than metal bed. The use of mirror should be avoided in the room because it can cause quarrel between the couple. Also avoid placing television or computer in bedroom because they reflect like a mirror. The paintings symbolizing death, violence and negative aspects of life should not be hanged on walls since they create negative feelings. Painting walls in light colors like green, light blue, rose pink inspires life. So it is essential for every couple to know remedies of Vastu defects in married life.

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