Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to enjoy safe bath?

A safe and pleasant bathroom not only soothes our body and mind but also amuses the senses. A pleasant bath is remedy to all day long worries and laziness. To enjoy unhurt bath, make sure the floor of bathroom is not slippery. Follow all safety measures for energetic bath and put everything in its right place. Never leave child alone in bathtub else he may sink into the tub. Non skid bathroom mats are placed to avoid injury. Grab bars or rails are installed as they help come out from bath tub. Install sink with cabinet which is used to store floor cleaner, drain openers under the sink. Heaters, electrical products are kept away from bathtubs, shower place and sinks. Water heaters are set up at a degree of 120. Keep shampoos, lotions and soap dish away from children’s reach. Make use of good lights in bathroom especially in the night.

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