Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to Start Gardening?

Before you start gardening, you need to prepare soil for planting trees. At first remove grass and weeds from garden area with the help of shovel. Ensure that the type of soil is right or not for garden. Black soil is very good for plants. If it is dark brown that’s quite good also. Yellow, grey, mottled are not so good. You can add compost to such soil to improve its’ fertility. To add compost to the soil, spread it on the top of existing soil and make use of shovel to mix it with soil.

In fact gardening is an excellent hobby to make environment pollution free and improve natural phenomenon. For being successful in the task you need to know some basic things like selection of plants, soil and water requirements of the plants. Go for flower plants to make your garden beautiful. Bulb flower plants, shrubs and creepers look beautiful in the garden. You should know about water requirements of plants since proper watering is essential. In first week, the plants need water daily whereas they can be watered after every two days in second week. In later the plants may be watered once a week.

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