Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Roller and spray painting techniques

Both roller and spray paintings need a professional painter to do painting. If an unskilled painter is employed on the job, the painting work may spoil and result in patchy work on walls. Before you start doing roller painting, roller and container should be cleaned. The contents of the paint should be mixed thoroughly. Now dip the roller into mixed paint and run it from top to bottom. Again dip the roller and run it adjacent to the painted area above in the same way. Run the roller without dipping it into paint horizontally and vertically on the applied paint coat to spread it uniformly.

Spray painting requires skill to hold spray gun properly and to prepare the mixture of the paint. Before starting painting work, the surface, spray machine and container should be cleaned. Spray painting should be done only when dry condition prevails. To do spray painting hold spray gun perpendicular to the surface and pass over the surface in a uniform sweeping motion. To achieve best results, try different air pressure and fan adjustment.

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