Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Precautions for dampness during construction

Dampness creates an unhealthy environment for inhabitants of the house and gradually spoils affected part of the building. To avoid the problem of dampness, you can apply several safety measures during construction of the building. I’ve tried to identify a few precautions for the treatment of dampness.
  • Make proper drainage system and fix water supply pipes tightly. The joints of rainy water pipes are fitted tightly and properly to avoid leakages through them.
  • Create proper slopes in floors of kitchen, bathroom, roof and “Chhajja” for smooth flow of water.
  • Finish the joints of parapet with tile tracing or with rain water pipes and any expansion joints smoothly to avoid stagnant water which could eventually penetrate into the building. Cement concrete gola in corner ensures proper flow of water and protect building from dampness in long run.
  • Ensure if rainy water penetrates through the joints of building. If the joints are treated during construction, the water would flow without penetrating into the building.
  • Plaster top surface of “Chhaja” and maintain proper drip course to avoid leakage/dampness.

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