Monday, July 20, 2009

Tips for Garden Pest Control

Garden pests can be killed without using chemical pesticides that harms you and your family. Pesticides pollute air, water, soil, plants, and animals and cause harm to honeybees, butterflies, ladybugs that eat lots of pests also. To kill pests without chemicals is a good way to keep your environment safe. We’ve identified some tips to control garden pests.
  • Grow plants in organic soil that does not let pests flourish. Use one or more compost bins for making compost at home.
  • Use ‘Orange Guard’, a non-toxic pest killer. D Limonene, an ingredient destroys insect's respiratory system.
  • Grow pest resistant plants like daisies, mint, and rosemary that attract many birds eating pests. Also learn about pests that destroy other insects.
  • Don’t spray chemicals to save some pests like ladybugs, ground beetles, and birds that eat other pests and fungi.
  • Do pruning to remove diseased parts and leaves of plants so that they can grow well.

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