Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to ensure the quality of white cement?

White cement is one of the important raw materials used for construction of your house. It has high degree of whiteness and is mainly used for architectural beauty, interior and exterior decorations. To make sure the quality of white cement you can apply the following tips.

  • Check fineness of white cement: After sieving, the cement on IS test Sieve No.9 (B.S. Sieve No 170) should not exceed 10% in case of Ordinary Portland Cement. The specific surface by Air Permeability method should not be less than 2150 sq. cm/ kg in case of Ordinary Portland Cement.
  • Ensure the soundness: Alternatively autoclave expansion should not be more than 0.5% when tested according to IS 269 of 1989.
  • Check setting time: Setting time of any type or any grade of cement when tested by VICAT apparatus method described in IS: 4031 should confirm following requirement.

a) Initial setting time: Not less than 30 minutes

b )Final setting time: Not more than 600 minutes i.e. 10 hours

For more info on quality assurance of white cement, click here.

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