Friday, July 3, 2009

Electric Shock – Causes & Preventions

Electric shock is the flow of electrons, electrical current through body. Electric current gives shock depending on the intensity of voltage. Electric shock occurs due to leakage and earth faults in electrical appliances.

What causes electric shock?
Open electric sockets, fallen high voltage line, or any exposure of an electrical energy source cause electrical shock. If you touch electric wire of low voltage, you will get light electric shock but if you get in touch with high voltage electric wire, you would get high electric shock. Electric shock causes pain to our body, generate heat inside body and can damage our tissues leading to permanent disability.

How to prevent electric shock?
Stop electric supply while repairing: Shut electric supply from the mains before taking up electrical repair work. Make sure the power is off using a simple pocket tester, a multi-meter, or lamp, blow dryer or any other appliances after closing power supply.

Make use of good wiring: Utilize good wiring and change any damaged, rusted wiring immediately. Don’t make joints in wiring. All necessary joints should have proper tapes/insulation. Avoid loose connection in wiring and make use of fuse / MCB’s of appropriate. Keep away from overhead lines and do not touch broken wires.

Utilize safety standards: Safety equipments such as masks for dust, safety glasses for eye protection and gloves to preserve your hands should be used at the time of electric works. Keep your face away from the panel at the very moment you turn on or off a breaker.

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