Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tips to make a small space bigger

Lots of people live in small houses facing problems due to cluttered space. If you are facing such problems, GharExpert has solution to untidy space. Here are given some easy tips to make your small home comfortable, clutter free and organized.
  • Remove clutter in the room: To make the room organized clear unnecessary stuff from small space. Place essential articles on shelves and organize stuff behind doors, table skirts. When the things are neatly arranged, small space looks more open.
  • Choose natural or artificial lighting: You can opt for natural or artificial lighting to make your room look larger. Open outside windows to let natural light enter the room. Track or recessed lighting makes small space bigger also. To reflect light and maximize the feel of space, you can use large frame mirror on a wall or stand a large frame mirror against the wall.
  • Use plain upholstery and light fabrics: Make use of upholstery of plain color for furniture instead of dark colors, bold plaids or stripes to save the space. To create interest and stick to neutral tones, make use of textures. Apply soft floral vines or simple stripes to keep the space look simple.

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