Friday, July 10, 2009

How to keep your home during rainy season?

Rain is a fun but it may affect your health if your home is not ready to face the problems due to rain. To avoid any problem and enjoy rainy weather, make sure you have checked all related elements of your home before the start of rain. Here are given some tips that you can follow before/during rainy season.

  • Fix ventilators to remove dampness: the humidity of rain reaches the contents of house and can cause harm to the health of occupants. To remove humidity and ensure enough cross-ventilation and fresh air throughout the house, fix ventilators in high humid areas of the house.
  • Protect wooden cupboards and drawers: The moisture of rainwater can destroy articles put in your cupboards and drawers. To protect clothes and other valuable things, put camphor balls in your closet. Also you can place Neem tree leaves in cupboards since it also protects clothes and furniture from silver fish.
  • Do regular house cleaning: Clean your house regularly to protect it from moisture present in air. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers are good options to reduce humidity levels inside your home. Upholstery and rugs should be exposed to sunlight to protect them from moisture.

To know more precautions before rainy season, click here.

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