Saturday, July 18, 2009

Protect your home from bugs

Bugs destroy household items and create unsanitary conditions in the house. They can enter food items and may affect on the health of occupants of the house. During rainy season the number of bugs is increased but the people don’t take them seriously. We are serious about the problem of insects, so we have identified a few tips to keep them at bay.
  • Wash dishes instantly: Wash dishes without any delay as soaked dishes can attract bugs. After washing dishes ensure to drain out water and wipe down the sink.
  • Fix instant screen door: You can install instant screen door, an excellent bug checking device into each door, especially in doors to family gathering or at places outside the house. The bug screen shuts automatically with two magnetic fasteners.
  • Spray anti termite chemical: Anti-termite chemical should be sprayed on all door and window shutters periodically. Also insecticidal spray should be done at regular interval.
  • Check leakages in water supply pipes: Any leakage in water supply and sewer pipes should be checked to avoid dampness which attracts bugs. There is no leakage through rainy water pipes and roof slab.
  • Remove all debris and garbage: All debris lying around your home should be cleaned. Also wash inside and outside trashes and recycling containers once a month. Put lids on your trash to keep bugs away.

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