Thursday, July 9, 2009

What affects orientation of building?

Orientation of building offers maximum ventilation and natural light, provides comfortable living in house and saves energy bills as well. There are many factors that affect orientation of building. GharExpert has identified some of them which are following.
  • Solar radiation and temperature: Intensity of solar radiation depends on the direction of sunrays. The temperature of a living space increases due to sun radiation and affects whole environment of the house. Solar radiation acts in two ways i.e. one is when sunrays directly come to the house through openings and the other is when radiation comes indirectly through walls and roof of building by absorbing heat.
  • Prevailing winds: winds help create natural ventilation in a building and offer more comfort during high humidity. During orientation of a building and designing doors and windows openings, the direction of wind flow should be considered. Fix windows and ventilators at proper location in building to provide maximum air and light. Maximum air and ventilation can be obtained if the level of opening is at the level of occupancy.

To know more factors on orientation of building, click here.

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