Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Making cost effective construction

Due to increasing cost of construction/building, cost effective construction techniques are required. Such techniques provide strong, environment friendly, ecological, energy efficient construction. Initially you can construct using R - trap bond which is economical, strong and aesthetic. This bond saves 25% of total number of bricks and 40% of mortar. Funicular shells over edge beams provide an attractive alternative to RCC construction for small to medium spans and are cost effective since required quantity of steel and cement is much less and saves on costly shuttering.

Fly ash gypsum stabilized mud blocks with less water absorption capacity are much stronger and cheaper than cement stabilized blocks. Using 5 to 10% fly ash G in construction, 30% saving in cement can be achieved in addition to utilization of waste product like fly ash. Pre cast concrete blocks having similar dimension of stone blocks without large size stone pieces have excellent properties in comparison to additional masonry blocks which are cheaper and facilitate speedy construction.

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