Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Courtyard Houses

Courtyard houses reflect on ancient Indian architecture. These houses fulfill spatial and functional requirements of occupants of the house. The courtyards inside the house are core elements of such architecture. The yards were designed to provide adequate air and sunlight. Courtyard houses can take any challenge of changing climate, rain, thunder, storm, scorching heat, chilled winter etc. These houses are hygienic to inhabitants of the house.

The attractive design of courtyard houses show our ancient cultural and social values in addition to architectural beauty. Several splendid designs such as ‘Haveli’, ‘Mahal’ ‘Wada’, Deori’ or ‘Nalukettu’ etc. are some finest examples of such heritage. The courtyards were essence of this architecture; which are very practical for air and ventilating purposes. Indian courtyard houses have been remarkable for residential architecture and are excellent designs for new constructions as well.

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