Saturday, May 9, 2009

Making a choice of computer desk

While choosing computer desks, keep in mind the design and ease at work on the desk. Whether it is your home or office, computer desks must offer a smooth platform causing no harm to health. You can select an attractive computer desk such as Standard computer desk, Executive computer desk, U-Shaped computer desk, L-Shaped computer desk that fits into your individual requirements in terms of height, distance of keyboard tray and size of monitor.

The height and distance of desk should be proper to avoid back pain or stress on eyes. Usually a rectangular desk with straight edges is preferred shape for keyboard tray and monitor set up. The most popular choice is a computer desk with diagonal, or 90 degree corners. The position of the monitor can help you fight eyestrain and back pain. Keep computer desk at the height that your eye level is a little bit higher than the top of the monitor screen. You can easily adjust monitor height with monitor lift or arm. Your choice may be excellent one if your desk fulfills all needs.

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