Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cement Paint

Cement paint is extremely tough and can be applied on external walls/surfaces of the house. It is available in various colors and can be matched with any shade when required. It gives a matt finish, an inexpensive way to cover large areas. Cement paint is most suitable for worse environments and gives best results on newly concrete surface.

Before application of the paint, the surface should be cleaned of all mortar dropping, dirt, dust, grease and other foreign matters. Before you apply paint, cement or concrete surface should be wet thoroughly to provide moisture that helps in proper curing of the paint. Water proof cement paint should not be applied on the surface, treated already with white wash, color wash; distemper dry or oil bound distemper, varnishes etc. A coat of waterproof cement paint should be applied over patches after wetting the surface completely. The paint should be used within an hour after mixing otherwise the mixture would be set and thicken which will affect the flow and finishing of paint.

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