Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Make your home energy efficient

You can design an energy efficient and environment friendly house/home by utilizing natural light and ventilation. You can opt for natural ways to do activities at home. Here are given a few ways to make home energy efficient and environment friendly.

  • Get maximum solar heat and ventilation to save energy: Solar heat coming from your doors and windows during winter can save up to 10% energy used for heating rooms. Similarly cut your cooling bills in summer by preventing solar heat from entering the rooms/ house by hanging blinds, curtains and by providing shades on doors, windows etc. Fix windows towards the flow of natural air and fix exhaust fan into the opposite direction to remove polluted air out and to minimize energy bills.
  • Apply thermal insulation technique on walls and roof: Thermal insulation method saves energy bills during summer and winter season. The insulation on all outer walls of the house minimizes weather effects and saves energy.
  • Insulate roof to save energy: The roof of the house should be insulated to save energy because the roof receives solar radiation throughout the day. The top treatment can be done on roof in two ways i.e. Thermal insulation and Damp proof course.

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