Friday, February 8, 2008

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Before hiring a contracter analyze your contracter explored the factors one should consider before choosing a contractor and the other factors that will help the relationship stays smooth.


If you want to get the construction work on through-rate-basis done by the contractor who has own labor and materials, the following steps provide necessary support in achieving the best quality in the construction.
Obtain required sanctions of all competent authorities before starting the construction work to avoid any obstacle during construction.
Complete all drawings and details before allotting the work otherwise there may be a dispute later on. Many contractors demand more money later on if every thing is not settled in advance.
Check the availability of good water for construction work through water supply or by doing bore well.
Make sure that the bore well water is equal to the drinking water standard or get the water tested in the laboratory.
Do not use hard or salty water as it is harmful to construction work.
Check the availability of electricity connection to look after the construction work properly.
Fix the floor level of the building according to the level of adjoining building, flood level, and road level before making the agreement. The floor level should be 2 or 3 feet high from the road level. In case the height of floor level is not mentioned, the contractor tries to maintain the lower floor level to save the time and material cost and earth-filling hassles.


After completing the preliminary steps for construction work, try to contract a good contractor of the area keeping in mind the following requirements.

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