Friday, February 15, 2008

Purchasing Guidelines for Cement


Cement is the most important raw material used in a building. You should ensure the quality of ‘Cement’ using the following guidelines.
1. The cement should be factory manufactured instead of plant manufactured.
2. The cement should be packed in the bags of synthetic jute or polypropylene bags.
3. The cement bags should not be hand stitched.
4. The cement bag should bear manufacturer's name or his trade mark on it if any.
5. The cement bag should bear the grade and type of cement.
6. The cement bag consignment must have identification mark on package.
7. The cement bag should indicate the date of manufacturing.
8. One cement bag should have 50 Kg. weight.
9. The cement bags should not be older than six weeks from the date of manufacturing.
10. Do not purchase cement bags which are partially set due to moisture. Do not purchase if there are small lumps in the bags.
11. Do not purchase cement bags which are pressed or have lumps due to high pressure of stack having more than 10 to 12 bags.
12. Do not take cement bags which are torn by side and stitched in later.

1. Care should be taken to carry the bags in a clean vehicle which is not dustier or on earth etc. It will reduce the strength of the cement.
2. During monsoon season the cement should be carried under covered Polythene or ‘Tarpaulin’.
3. Care should be taken that the labor should not tear the bags while loading and unloading the cement bags.
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