Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kids Bathroom

Children’s Bathrooms

The design difference is preferred when the child is of a rather small age. Children, over very little time, grow and get bored of watching the same design over and over again. So, there arises a need to change the bathroom design, redo the bathroom interiors and this requires a lot of effort and money.

One should act very decisively while going for children’s bathroom.
• Colorful and happy look is preferred.
• Use of bright colors is advisable.
Doors should be open-able from both inside and outside.
• It is recommended that the washbasins should be placed at a normal height for adult bathroom as children attain height quickly and they can use stools to step up and access the basin.
• A small bulb should be provided to be kept on at night.
• Handles should be lever type and not doorknobs.
• All toiletries should be locked in a cupboard.
• Avoid sharp edges, corners and brittle materials like glass.
• Put mirrors at apt heights. Full height mirrors might help.

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